1.   Spirit Bonds

2.  Eliminate All State & Federal Taxes

3.  Create National Transactional Surcharge (NTS)

4.  Implement Wall Street Initiatives 

5.  Set Consumer Interest Rate Ceiling (CIRC)

6.  Reset all Mortgage Interest Rates



9.  STAR POWER (See Innovation) 

10.  Create BIG National Projects

11.  Implement Next Generation IRAs

12.  Implement Mortgage IRA (MIRA)

13.  Implement Renter IRA (RIRA)

14.  Lower Retirement Age (59)

15.  Set Term Limits

16.  Your Idea Here:

17.  Your Idea Here:

18.  Your Idea Here:

19.  Establish Minimum Mortgage Down payments

20. Keep Mortgage Bank Notes with Lender

21.  Create Property Management Divisions (Banks)

22.  Limit Individual Debt (LID)

23.  Foster  “CASH”  Incentives

24.  Buyout Military Pensions

25.  Revise National Healthcare

26.  Free Education thru Medical/Law

27.  Turbocharge Auto Industry

28.  Implement National Lottery




a. Create New Type of Savings Bond - Inspire National Spirit & Patriotism

b. Spirit Bonds to replace next generation Social Security Entitlements 

     -- Zero coupon formula; (low face value) earns 10% maturing at 5, 10, 20 years
     -- Spirit Bonds will help replace Social Security
     -- Trillions of dollars generated for treasury—overnight!

c. Treasury-Wall Street Partnership to issue TWAS Consumer Credit Cards

    -- U.S. Treasury Credit Cards for all Patriotic Americans, regardless of credit score
    -- Use it & you fund the Treasury, Your Retirement and Spirit Bonds at maturity
        --Also helps fund U.S. Federal Government programs
            --U.S. Military; NASA; DOT; Natural Disasters; Homeland Security, etc.

d.  U.S. Treasury/Partner banks - manage accounts (see Item 11 also - Next Generation IRAs)
        --Set APR at 15% (10% funds government/5% funds your retirement account (TWAS-IRA)
            --Banks are free from all taxes too--this will be their contribution to Americans
            --Banks free to offer their own credit cards (15%) programs to benefit your IRA
            --7% must be dedicated to U.S. Treasury for national defense, etc; 
            --5% to cardholder IRA;
             --with remaining 3% going to banks

        --Do same with States--State Credit Cards to add revenue and fund programs/projects

        --Individuals, Companies, & Banks, will not pay any taxes. Consumer driven economy! 

        --Where current legislation prevents this, CHANGE IT!  The "NEW NORMAL" is NOW!

2.   STATE & FEDERAL                        TAXES

a. Eliminate all State & Federal Taxes on individuals, businesses & corporations

b. Replace tax code with a National Transactional Surcharge (NTS) on consumption
Fixed at – 7% for one decade; raised 1% per decade, capped at 15%  (See NTS Page)

    --Federal Budget shrinks (no longer required to fund Social Security Payments)

    --Eliminates Cost of Living payment increases. 
    --IRS mission is smaller and redirected away from managing 150+ million Americans
    --Creation of 50M new jobs will generate trillions in salaries, NTS, Demand for goods/services
    --Eliminates payments for Medicare/Medicaid (federal budget shrinks by 2/3)

c. States earn revenue hourly via National Transaction Surcharge – Ongoing Stimulus Engine

d. Consumers will spend, save, invest, dine, travel, donate & provide for themselves & families better with a low, fair consumption surcharge instead of paying taxes. Those who do not currently pay any taxes will now become part of the national solution!

e. Elimination of taxes creates greater “income” for businesses & citizens.

    --All workers will receive their entire paycheck, no taxes or deductions

f. States will now fund Congress (instead of citizens) Federal Budget established by states' revenue

    --Whatever is collected becomes the Federal Budget, period! (No more loans from China)

    --China to be paid back their principle, not the interest, as new negotiations take place

g. Management & Expenses of administrating to 150+ million taxpayers is eliminated overnight 
(Billions saved)  Federal Budget shrinks when IRS is redirected for new mission with states

h. IRS efforts redirected toward states & businesses to collect/audit National Transactional Surcharges. IRS no longer has authority to collect directly from citizens; ends audits and tax evasion by and for individuals

i. Benefits: Paperwork Reduction Act – Tax Codes, Debates, Laws, uncollected funds, less time wasted on creating more loopholes, tax codes, enforcement, every dime accounted for, etc.

j. Congress prevented from funding other nations or wasting money on idiotic projects.


a. Eliminate property taxes after initial purchase  
    -- Pay just once at closing based on purchase price - 7% NTS collected for state revenue

b. Provides property owners with more monthly disposal income & control of their money

c. Provides monthly stimulus to local businesses

d. Schools funded by states via NTS, Lotteries, Spirit Bonds, TWAS, other initiatives


Home/Land/Building buyers pay property tax only once--at closing! No longer will property owners continue to pay “property taxes” beyond their initial purchase. A one-time 7% surcharge based on the purchase price, period! 

Giving property owners more monthly/annual buying power, will in turn, generate more income for economy and states.  

This permanent property tax relief will be doled out by property owners themselves, spent on travel, dining, recreation, lodging, goods and services, savings, etc. This will fuel the economy.


a. Eliminate all inheritance taxes

b. Treasury & business revenues increase when beneficiaries become consumers. Stealing grandma's money to fund the Chimp poop tossing phenomenon is unconscionable (See Wastebook)

c. Windfall stimulates economy with discretionary spending by the intended

d. Heirs entitled (by-law) to bloodline money, not the government. When a government steals money from widows and orphans, it's time to change the government!


a. Government pulls $$$ out of market too soon with so many taxes.

b. Let dollars work thru the system earning Treasury more revenue

c. Taxes stifle Growth, Investments & Spending

d. Elimination of ALL taxes will Surge Economy Exponentially

e. Action will grow economy - 50 million new jobs!

f. Jobs, factories, industries will return from overseas! 

g. Demand for housing, goods & services, travel, recreation, apparel, etc., all increased

h. More jobs will be needed to meet this demand and so on and so on and so on...


a. Eliminate entire corporate tax code

b. Replace taxes with National Transactional Surcharge (NTS). All acquisitions & mergers, parts, components used in planes, trains & automobiles, products, etc., subject to 7 % NTS.

c. No write-offs. Eliminates Depreciation, Improvements, Credits, Loopholes, etc.

d. Eliminates all Exemptions, Itemizing, Deductions, etc. And saves time! Entire accounting departments will be redirected to manage budgets and inventory but not taxes! 

e. Redirect IRS to collect revenue generated within the 50 states & companies

    --IRS/Auditors/bookkeepers all needed by the tens of thousands to overseas business receipts
        --compliance necessary to collect full weight of NTS income stream for states

f. Companies will have more money to create jobs, make community donations, fund research, expand their businesses, which will generate more economic transactions and jobs!

g U.S. Companies will return from overseas and create even more USA jobs!

h. More employment reduces need for social services and assistance. Employment adds more income to the daily National Transaction activity. To have all employment offices unemployed is our goal. (Their services will be rewarded by finding new jobs for themselves.)

2.5  Lottery Winners
 -- Eliminate taxes for Lottery Winners            
          -- When an individual wins $200M they keep $200M
          -- Winnings will enter churches, charities, banks and retailers; 7% NTS applies
          -- See Brainstorming #28 below

3.  National Transactional                  Surcharge (NTS)

a. Replace taxes with a National Transactional Surcharge - One National Standard

    --States will end their sales taxes

b. Transactional Surcharges replace income taxes while also funding your retirement

    --Consumption will stimulate demand for Goods & Services; creating more jobs

c. Transactional Surcharges also fund states and the federal government

d. NTS standard is 7% (as an example)

e. NTS credit card
     --each transaction deposits 5% into your NTS individual retirement account (NIRA)
    -- NTS-IRA balance grows by using card and a lifetime of compounding. (FDIC insured)
    -- Interest rate set on card at 15% APR for life (as an example) 
    -- Remaining collected interest (10%) goes to state and federal government (5% each) 

f. You cannot borrow against or withdraw until Age 59. No taxes or penalties involved

g. Congress nor Wall Street will have access to, or borrow against, your NIRA

h. NIRA card issued as early as ten (10) years old. Funds retirement at age 59.

4. WALL  STREET                         INITIATIVES


    -- (Doing the right thing even when no one is looking)

b. Do No Harm - Over time, Oaths instill honor & honest behavior -- Much like Armed Forces, Doctors, Judiciary, etc. (Not in every case, but we ought to being somewhere...)

c. Oaths have intrinsic value – Creates Code of Conduct atmosphere.

d. Create Ethical/Enforcement Review Boards (Non Wall Street members)


● Install middle-class representation as stakeholders – profit sharing and voice at table.


● Put minority shareholders on compensation Boards – Better accountability 



On average, there are roughly 5-6 trillion shares traded on a daily basis!

Using a National Transactional Surcharge (NTS) we can fund our country and end taxes forever!  Brilliant~

For argument sake, let's use 7% but this can be adjusted up or down as the experts determine.

a. 7% National Transaction Surcharge (NTS) is applied on every executed trade/contract. 

b. Traders pay (NTS) on every trade/contract/share/option/future/commodity/currency/etc.

    --This includes both buyer and sellers (7% each or .7 cents on the dollar)

Foreign traders of American stocks/ETFs, etc, will pay 15% NTS (or .15 cents on the dollar) with 13% going to the U.S. Treasury and 2% going to the company being traded. (ETF/Mutual Funds, etc., where no individual company is traded, as these are groups of corporations, all 15% NTS will go to the U.S. Treasury.)

c. US Traders are NOT subject to income, dividend or capital gains, state or federal taxes anymore.

d. Online Traders resident states earn 5% NTS (Online Traders exist in every state) 

e. Traded companies receive 2% of each trade to sustain growth and create jobs

    --Provides daily capitalization & growth for publicly traded companies 
    --Companies will have more tax-free income to expand, create jobs, R&D
    --Prices lowered on products as a result of lower operating costs, no taxes, etc.
    --This income stream will limit financed money (loans) & keep businesses in business

f. U.S. Treasury earns 2% on ETFs/Mutual Funds, etc.

g. Short Selling; Flash Trading (Market Manipulations) pay 7% NTS on every trade/contract  - applies to both buyer & seller each (.07 cents on the dollar is your contribution)

h. Wall Street & investment groups will sponsor/finance stadiums. Communities will no longer foot the bill. Owners will not present bonds to the public for voting. Only proposals where fans profit or benefit will be permitted.  If players are to earn $100M, let the owners pay it.  Ticket prices will not exceed $50! NTS applies. (Good start?) I can see a White House win on this one alone. Brainstorming is so fun. Lower ticket prices fill stadiums and creates jobs. Hot dogs and beer sales will soar at lower ticket price. More families will attend. Win-win. Besides, we all know ad revenue funds players' salaries.

i.  All million/billion dollar television sporting contracts will include a 15% NTS for U.S. Treasury 

j. Elect only K-Party candidates to Congress and the White House (subliminal insertion)


● Mandate all consumer lending rates - not exceeding 16% APR.

(From Payday Loans to Credit Cards) Banks no longer pay taxes so this is doable; and consumers will have more money to pay down their existing debt; also since LID is in force, it prevents over-extending. (LID see item 22.)


Reset all mortgage interest rates to 5% (30-year fixed) & then lower all residential & commercial property mortgage principle balances by 25%. (Property values fell more than this, but 25% is a mildly fair refresh-Rebooting.) When the economy recovers, banks can share in the rise in values of our homes and businesses when we sell, working as our partners, not as our crippling landlords or mortgage holders. It's become way too personal for that. We need this initiative. 

Landlords must also lower rents by 25% for all properties for private, public and commercial use, to include homes, manufactured or otherwise, shopping malls & strip malls, including duplexes, apartment buildings, etc., and not raise rents for a period of seven years.  ALL MORTGAGES.  Mortgage holders, banks, individuals and businesses no longer have a tax liability, this will restore our economy and faith. A partnership with Wall Street & Mainstreet working together is necessary. 

a. Reset all owner occupied mortgages to 5% (Fixed for 30-years) 

b. Reset 2nd & subsequent home or investment homes, apartment buildings, duplexes, commercial office buildings, etc., rates to 5% 

c. Lower all mortgage balances by 25%

d. Landlords will adjust rents downward accordingly by 25% and hold them there for 7 years

e. This monthly reduction in payments for owners and renters is equal to a $100-500+ monthly stimulus check for seven years, and will pour disposable dollars back into the local economies of this nation; landlords no longer have a tax liability

f. This is also a bankers' haircut. The owe it to Mainstreet. Their dealings have been shady and shaggy. Their foolishness created this mess. Wall Street actions collapsed families, neighborhoods and Iceland, etc.  Banks will recoup when the middle-class recovers. Savings & investments will increase. Banks are also exempt from taxes, so they can keep their rates lower. ALL BANK FEES WILL BE ELIMINATED. THEY WILL GENERATE INCOME SOLELY FROM LOANING OR MOVING MONEY. (This will inspire them greatly.) National Transactional Surcharges (NTS) being applied for goods & services will stimulate the economy bringing new homeowners to banks for lending, investments and foreclosures will stop. 

g. Mortgage rate reductions will be accomplished by a "click" of a button, not by application, or approval process, refinancing or forms. Clean, quick, simple, immediate. Doable!

h. Give Renters same deal - 5% fixed mortgage for 30 years, regardless of their credit score! 

i. Implement MIRA & RIRA (Mortgage & Renter linked IRAs) to replace Social Security.
    -- (See 11 below)



9.  STAR POWER (See Innovation)


a.  Aqueduct System (Farmlands) 

b.  Hydroponics

c.  Renewable energy

d.  Alternative energy

e.  Your Idea Here:

f.  Forestry Tree Farms

g. Aquatic Farms

h. You Idea Here:

i. Monorail System, bullet trains

  --States will become responsible for all infrastructure projects within their state; highways, roads, bridges, water pipes, etc. (States have been on federal assistance far too long.)

    --Adopt wind, natural gas as recognized fuels in North America, rich is reserves


National Transactional Surcharge Credit Cards in partnership with Wall Street 
    --Retirement Account Rewards Credit Cards (RARC) and 
    --Treasury/WallStreet (TWAS) IRA Rewards Cards/Debit and Credit options 
    --Anyone accepting money must also take the NTS card for payment, permitting citizens to fund their retirement accounts. This means you can pay your monthly housing (rent) and build your retirement account over the years. 

-- Beginning at age 10, and above, NTS card/number issued (Replaces Social Security Card)
    -- Identity theft of these cards, if used, funds your retirement account. (sweet)

-- Each transaction is credited to your future Retirement Account Entitlement

-- Earn 5% each time you use your NTS Rewards Cards toward your IRA. 

    --NTS (RARC & TWAS) card interest rate set at 15% APR for life

     --Your retirement account retains all compounding interest, and is added to your balance, accumulating over your lifetime, as early as 10 years until Age 59.  FDIC insured.

-- Eliminates Social Security (FICA) withholding, increases take home pay; more for economy

-- Eliminates all Social Security payments in 49 years or less...

-- Reduces federal deficit by quad-trillions+ over life of program implementation 

-- Cannot borrow against or withdraw until age 59. No taxes or penalties on IRA.

     -- Congress nor Wall Street will have access to or borrow against your NTS-RARC/TWAS Acct. 

12.  Create Mortgage IRA (MIRA)

Mortgage Individual Retirement Account (MIRA)

a.  Link 5% of monthly mortgage payments to fund individual retirement accounts (2.5% for two adults sharing property) that cannot be accessed until the minimum early retirement, Age 59 and is exempt from divorce settlements, litigation or awards by the court, including bankruptcy

Making your mortgage payment by check or cash:
    -- 7% NTS is applied to your monthly mortgage payments 
        -- 5% funds your MIRA 
        -- 2% funds state revenue

Making your mortgage payment using an IRA (TWAS or RARC) credit cards:
    -- 7% NTS breakdown same as above
    -- 5% additional for your IRA; 5% State; 5%U.S. Treasury 
        (While paying interest on cards based on 15% APR)

b.  As your mortgage balance declines and your equity increases in value, you will also be adding to your personal retirement account, which will compound over the decades. 

c.  Fully protected by an FDIC secured investment/insurance product

Example: Age 30. Current Monthly Mortgage Payment: $1000 x NTS 7% = $70 
New Monthly Mortgage Payment: $1070 (you don't pay income/property taxes anymore)

Your Retirement Account (MIRA) is funded by $53 monthly  
State Revenue collected is $21 monthly
Federal Treasury collects all spare change or in this case $0.90 monthly

For this Homeowner, remaining in home for 29 years or 348 months
$53 x 348 = $18,444 (MIRA) interest & compounding doubles at least 4 times = $73,776 (MIRA)

    -- Figures do not reflect earned interest or exact compounding over years or use of IRA Cards
    -- FDIC secured product 

d. It is highly conceivable to have both an MIRA and a RIRA (own and rent) at different periods of your life span. In addition to having a NTS-IRA. That's three (3) individual retirement accounts of which all three are tax free now and forever. Your IRA accounts could climb to five or more accounts as new ideas are brought forward. We're just getting started.  This is a Kodel Party (K) initiative.

13.  Create Renters IRA (RIRA)

Renters Individual Retirement Account (RIRA)

a.  Link 5% of monthly rental payments to fund an individual retirement account. (2.5% each for two adults sharing property) that cannot be accessed until the minimum early retirement, Age 59 and is exempt from divorce settlements, litigation or awards by the court, including bankruptcy

Making your rental payments by check or cash:   
-- 7% NTS is applied to your monthly rental payments 
    -- 5% funds your RIRA 
    -- 2% funds state revenue

Making your rental payments using an IRA (TWAS or RARC) credit cards:
    -- 7% NTS breakdown same as above
    -- 5% additional for your IRA; 5% State; 5%U.S. Treasury 
        (While paying interest on cards based at 15% APR)

Example: Age 19. Current Monthly Rental Payment of $450 x NTS (7%) = $31.50 or a
New Rental Payment of $481.50
Your Retirement Account (RIRA) funded by $24
State Revenue collected is $9
Federal Treasury collects all spare change or in this case $0.705 cents

b.  Fully protected by an FDIC secured investment/insurance product

Simplified Example (No rental increases or mortgages)

c.  Lifelong renter at age 59: 40 years or 480 months) = $24 x 480 = $11,520 (RIRA)
Plus interest and compounding x 6 = $ 69,120 (RIRA)

    -- Figures do not reflect earned interest or compounding over 40 years
    -- FDIC secured. Interest accrual & compounding not precise

d. It is highly conceivable to have both an MIRA and a RIRA (own and rent) at different periods of your life span. In addition to your NTS-IRA. That's three (3) individual retirement accounts of which all three are tax free now and forever. Your IRA accounts could climb to five or more account are new ideas are brought forward. We're just getting started. This puts retirement squarely on the shoulders of consumers and private citizens for their own retirement and off the backs of former taxpayers. Our program uses "time" as the best advantage and the normal day-to-day life as a means to an end.

This is a Kodel Party (K) initiative.


a. Reset Minimum Retirement Age at 59
b. Individuals can continue working but can now have full access to their IRA accounts
c. NTS-IRA; Rental IRA (RIRA); Mortgage IRA (MIRA) and more as free
d. ALL IRAs continue to be funded by your ongoing transactions (Rent/Mortgage) payments

e. Bartering & being paid under-the-table no longer benefits you. Income need not be hidden as there is no more income tax & bartering does not create a transaction to fund your retirement account, which is also being matched. You must be a citizen of the United States to earn IRAs.


a. Mandatory Term Limits for all "non-K-Party" members

b. Hey, it was worth a try...You stick with what works.





a. Set mandatory minimums for real estate down payments 

b. 15% down payment – Owner Occupied Mortgages (NTS applies)

c. 40% down payment for secondary/speculative home mortgages (NTS applies)


a. Prohibit banks from selling or transferring mortgage notes

b. Banks must keep all mortgages they write

c. Eliminate ARM financing (Eliminates Risk and Keeps buyers within their means)


a. Create property management departments within lending banks

b. Financially troubled homeowners remain in their homes paying “rent”

c. Life of loan extended. Owners keep equity.

d. Lenders’ risk is reduced on foreclosures, short sales & property values, damages

22.  LIMIT INDIVIDUAL DEBT                                (LID)

a. Cap personal 'consumer' debt allowable (includes all debt, except medical/dental)

b. Based on income and new normal FICO score

c. Consumer Debt Ceiling—7x Gross Income (Includes Real Estate, vehicles, etc.)

d. Protects Consumers & Market from over-extending & financial predators

e. Medical/Educational debt not applied in LID - Only consumer debt is applied

f. $30k income = $210k (LID) - Working Couple: $25k & $45k = $490k (LID)

g. Keep reminding yourself, there are no taxes. A $30k paycheck means $30,000 take-home pay

h. We are the Kodel Party (K); The K-Party aka the 30k Party (You need to step up.)


a. Foster new consumer mind-set to use CASH instead of CREDIT

b. Retailers can offer instant 2% cash rebate at register, NTS still applies on final total

c. Rewards consumer instead of banks/credit card processors (Net NTS = 5% vice 7%)

d. Cash payments at register does not however, maximize your IRA contributions

24.  BUYOUT MILITARY PENSIONS – Partner w/Wall Street

● Military Pensions cost taxpayers trillions over lifetime of veterans. 

(Funding active duty payroll & Defense Budget) will come from other initiatives to include other nations bank- rolling our forces, especially if we serve on their soil (peacetime missions only); a force reduction will shrink defense payroll/budgets as we propose closing operations in scores of regions around the globe; stopping all funding to other nations & paying for "their" infrastructure.


● Citizens will demand the programs which best suits them, individually. National Healthcare will not be mandated under any circumstances. Funding healthcare will be a combined effort of all concerned: Individuals; Manufacturers, Pharmaceuticals, etc. Submission Forms will be reduced (streamlined) for patients & medical facilities. (See our full discussion Healthcare page)



b. How to pay for it?

c. One less multi-billion dollar US/Iraqi embassy compound is a start; stop funding Pakistan is another; or Egypt, or India, or ...
    --at last count, it too was over $1B this year alone! There are trillions being sent to prop-up foreign regimes. How about we prop-up our  educational programs instead! A more educated nation advances a society through engagement and enlightenment and philanthropic efforts abroad. Governments must get out of the business of wasting America's wealth.     Keeping money out of government hands 
creates higher paying jobs which brings in more demand for goods and services, ergo more jobs, more innovation, and more revenue for states and the federal government. (This is not a Rubik's cube here.) Why did it take the middle-class to figure all of this out?

-- AMERICAN COLLEGE EDUCATION (ACE) program is another Kodel Party initiative to pay for higher education. ACE is a program where Americans can sponsor a child ($1 per week). This will put a college-bound student born today, through college. This endowment will be funded by tens of millions of philanthropic Americans & corporate sponsorship(s), including the student, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc., through a national lottery, mentoring & membership programs, loose change [ACE collection jars] at check-out registers, etc. Compounding interest, matching funds and longevity will increase endowment to cover any student who wants a college education.

d. Professors will no longer be subject to income taxes. State colleges and universities can secure salaried positions [set at a rate determined by state education boards] will keep operating budgets down. Graduating doctors, dentists, specialists, nurses and other professionals or trades will serve their country and communities for seven years at  a (GS-7) pay grade, step 1, before entering private practice—a national win-win proposal. Paid for by the American populace funding initiatives. Healthcare graduates will also provide 4,000 community volunteer hours (or about 10 hours per week) over the next 20 years! Held Accountable (perhaps by all those out of work IRS agents); heavy fines levied and risk of license revocation if you bug out (slack from your commitment) by not participating or completing your hours. 

This is the National Educational Payback program (NED). 

e. Funding will also come from CEOs, Businesses, Corporations and other great Americans

f.  Our goal is to make tuition free for all public universities & colleges

    --Funding all public schools from 1-12 is the status quo, we're suggesting 1-16+
    -- Every American should be afforded the opportunity of a great education
    --If we need more universities, we'll build them (creating more jobs)

g. Private colleges and universities will determine their own new normal


a. Three cylinders – turbocharged for more makes & models

b. Maintains horsepower while reducing fuel consumption by 25%

c. Create alternative energy platforms & projects financed by citizens not U.S. Government

​d. Limit imported vehicles until trade balance equalizes or tips in U. S. favor

e. RESTORE DETROIT, FLINT, MICHIGAN& other great cities across America by building American auto plants and recruiting Fortune 1000 companies to relocate to every major city in America as our national hub for commerce.

That's fifty states with 20 major multi-billion dollar corporations situated in hometown America. Expand it to the Fortune 2000 companies, that's 40 multi-billion dollar corporations per state! Corporations no longer have a tax liability so they will return from overseas and those already here, will consider relocation.

Right here and now, we'd like to invite Hostess to bring there Twinkies and Ding Dongs to Oregon!  (After settling their billion dollar bankruptcy, that is.)

Labor and lower manufacturing costs will restore America to her greatness again. Vehicles will be more affordable. Every product will become more affordable as all taxes are now abolished.

This will propel American business/products to the world stage as never before as no other country will be able to compete with U.S. trade. This will create more jobs and more American wealth.

So much so, the Kodel think tank's latest study reveals, China will be borrowing trillions from U.S.  While laborers will now keep every dime they earn, and be responsible for their own retirements, Labor Unions may now focus their efforts on safety issues, production schedules, etc, as they advocate for their now pleasantly content workforce.


● Massive Dynamic Revenue – Generate Daily Cash Flow for U. S. Treasury 

●  States benefit from 7% National Transaction Surcharge - every ticket sold

a. Create a National Lottery to fund NASA; provide for Natural Disaster Relief; etc.

    -- waves of favorable projects will be funded by the great American Spirit

b. Citizens abundantly taxed - Americans would rather take control over their own dollars

     -- The American spirit lives--even in this economy. 
    -- Imagine if the middle-class could participate in some higher order philanthropy
Americans are filled with goodwill. Undercover Bosses; Lay-away Santas; Donations to Salvation Army Kettles, churches, cancer research, food pantries; Red Cross; endowments in the tens of millions to great universities, all across this land, 
    -- University of Oregon (Ducks) alum/resident/Nike founder, Phil Knight is but one shining example; 
    -- in the news recently, a man found and "returned" $10k cash found in Las Vegas. 

Working class Americans have great integrity; most will do the right thing even when no one is looking. (We are betting our entire presidential campaign on it.)

Americans are inspired every day with stories such as this.  Eliminating the tax code is about empowering the American people.

    -- Giving away one's own money to benefit others is in our DNA as Americans 

    -- Warren Buffett and Bill & Melinda Gates are the pinnacle of this mind-set and spirit; others are following their lead.

    -- As Americans amass more wealth, the rise in philanthropy will increase beyond measure 

    -- Americans will fund worthwhile projects if you simply ask 

c. Set fluid agendas for funds disbursements: NASA may be one national example

    -- A National lottery will generate tremendous revenues. Collectively, states have already generated trillions of dollars.  (It's not clear how effectively this has be utilized, however.)

d. As of 2008, since ticket sales began in April 1985, Oregon Lottery games have created a total of 261+ millionaires. During 2008, six new players were added to the list of millionaires. 

e. Since the Oregon Lottery began selling tickets on April 25, 1985, it has earned more than $10 billion for economic development, public education, state parks and watershed enhancements. It's far better when people give their own money rather than when a gov't takes it. The NTS is based on this concept. ​(See Below)

    -- Citizens will want to be involved in lottery  management to monitor disbursements

    -- Americans are the best stewards of their "own" money. They will support programs & projects they & the federal/state governments deem worthy. The checks and balances here are to leave the final decisions to American Consumers.  It's their money, let them decide how it is spent! 

f. Creating a National Lottery was the White House Fellowship Policy paper offered by our candidate during the Clinton Administration.  A decade later this topic was debated in Congress.


Pick 2, 3, 4 and 5 numbers from 1-11 or 1-21 or have NASA Scratch-offs, etc. Innovation rocks!

(10 cents) per ticket or a quarter, it doesn't have to be $2 or $3! (NTS applies)  

    -- Limit Maximum play at $300 per day with NTS card code embedded 
    -- Those with identified addictions will have coded NTS cards and be protected
    -- Using NTS credit cards funds your IRA; state treasury and U.S. Treasury

        1) Jackpots kept lower – No Trillion Dollar Winners due to months of losing tickets with too wide a numerical range. Lowering combinations of say 1-80 to 1-11, 1-21, 1-31, 1-41 instead with millions more winning tickets possible. 

2) Lower digit selection, increases number of winners – thousands a day across the USA, who will spend their money on retail items, educational programs, churches, Red Cross, Libraries, and lots of fun stuff too, thereby stimulating and sustaining their local economies and the nation.

3)  7% National Transaction Surcharge (NTS) applies on all ticket sales.

            -- DC residents NTS goes directly to the District of Columbia
            -- American Territories may also participate and adopt our "New Normal" initiatives

4) Funds Treasury – Hundreds of Millions ($$$) each and every day!

    -- States will collect the 7% NTS and share it with the federal government
        -- 5% to states; 2% to U. S. Treasury (50 states x 2%, collectively)

     -- Administrative and Operational costs will be posted online for auditing


Note: These brainstorming ideas are solely from the innovative, outside the box  mind of Steve William Laible. They are in no way complete or even practical in some cases, nor do they provide all of the answers for

Brainstorming by the very nature of its intent is free flowing thinking without judgment or rules to bring forth new ideas.  The ideas presented here are meant solely to engage readers with solutions for the real issues facing our country. It is this author's hope to spark any number of new ideas finding real solutions. And really, aren't new ideas what's needed? 

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