$$$ + ECONOMY + $$$ 

It's real simple:   

An unemployed nation   

contributes little to a thriving economy.   

It crushes families, programs, real estate values, downtowns of hometowns, retail sales, stock markets,  portfolios, jobs, quality of life, spirit, joy & hope.  

Social Services & Assistance spikes, savings implode, and personal debt expands, breaking budgets at every level of family & government.  

Government's answer: Raise Taxes. This only exacerbates the situation hurling the USA toward a similar demise of the former U.S.S.R.

 (It can happen.) We are but one domino tile on the floor of life...  

Where do your tax dollars go? Cleveland? Detroit? Inner cities?

 Rural areas? Innovation? Libraries? Education? Infrastructure? How about Oregon? California? Jersey?Chicago? Mississippi? New Orleans? 

Pick a city, pick a state, pick a park, a program, a school, etc. 

Here's the Problem


Here's the problem:

Your taxes are not going to our states to improve your country! 

Your tax dollars are funding other countries & foreign regimes.

Pakistan $1.6 BILLION; Syria, 1.5B; Egypt $1.4 BILLION; Uganda $400M (annually), $1 BILLION+ guaranteed for Ukraine, etc., the list is endless! Over $100 billion and counting; and that's not even the tip of the iceberg.

This is why your taxes continue to rise, your education flounders, your healthcare costs skyrockets, your infrastructure crumbles, your cities fill with Veterans, homelessness, drug addicts, and honest, good citizens who are otherwise unemployed become wards of the state.  

Funding war lords & dictators, instead! Are we safer because of it? Poorer as a nation? Has terrorism decreased?

Since Congress won't tighten their belts, it's up to us, the hard-working, middle-class! After all, it's our money!

Here's the Solution



Our objective: to infiltrate all levels of state & federal legislation including Senate/Congress/White House with truer representation of Kodel Party Middle Class members looking after OUR needs. Make Sense? 

Hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars should not be spent monthly on foreign soils. 

How about we stop this?   

By building a stronger America, we are in a better position to help others. 

The citizens, not the US Government must decide when and where to provide aide.

(See 1-400 page)   




Why aren't we putting America First? 

Dare to dream where our cities would be, where our country would be, had these trillions been reinvested in America the Beautiful instead over decades?


A stronger nation is our best defense. One way is to stop funding Congress who have their own agendas (it's not you). It's not national security.

 Imagine how wonderful this country would be had those $19 TRILLION dollars been used within our own borders 

over the years.  

The Kodel Party will put an end to ALL taxes as we know them thereby severing the income stream funding Congress. 

They will live within the budget we set.   

We are closing their purse strings. 

Americans will keep their entire paychecks and they alone will decide where to spend their dollars. If you want to fund a special NASA project close to your heart, you can donate $100 to NASA; if you want to fund a community tragedy or humanitarian effort, you, not Congress, will contribute. 

You will be empowered to decide exactly where your money goes with the understanding you will not undermine our national security.   

 -- Workers will keep their entire paychecks! Increasing their buying power. 


This will stimulate and sustain the economy. 

Kodel Party Vision



We must change how Congress does America's business! 

Doing more with less, eventually becomes doing nothing 

with nothing left!  


An unemployed nation drains a nation.  

       A fully employed nation 

grows a nation. 

The Kodel Administration will create 50 Million new jobs!! 


The Kodel Administration  will eliminate ALL taxes as you know them. 

Can you wrap your head around this innovative concept? It was only 1913 that Congress adopted the 16th Amendment to collect taxes from citizens to fund their war machines, bridges to nowhere and 

$5,000 hammers. 

Congress is simply NOT good stewards of your money. They serve themselves in daily conflict of interests.  

When you keep ALL your paycheck...


-- This will drive the economy at warp speed.  

-- Don't worry, the paradigm funding shift we envision will more than adequately fund the US Treasury...  

The Kodel Administration will build better communities! 

-- Refreshing neighborhoods & inner cities, ending drug ravaged battlefields; expanding parks, educational and after school programs and true opportunities  

The Kodel Administration will bring USA Corporations abroad, home again and will go big with national infrastructure projects creating jobs! 


 -- aqueducts: water to our farmlands, grasslands, forests 

-- power grid buried & power poles reclaimed  


--never again will millions go without power during storms     

 -- forests will be managed and harvested as agriculture

-- green power (solar, wind) will prevail    

The Kodel Administration



The Kodel Administration will reduce medical & prescriptions costs to$0!  

The Kodel Administration will end  

aggression and our role of 

world policeman.

Imagine for a moment, a different scenario or parallel universe where Chinese or Russian troops, ships, fighter jets, missiles, tanks, etc., were placed strategically in the backyards of countries just as as America does. 

Our presence is a menacing force which threatens. No wonder the world is in such chaos. We have to stop policing the world. We must stop threatening other nations with our presence for world domination. 

Is it any wonder we are being 

attacked and terrorized. 

We have to end our grandiose aggression policies.  

The Kodel Administration will end ALL payments to foreign countries.

US Taxpayers deserve better!!! 

The Kodel Administration will pour that money into rebuilding America the Beautiful from the ground up... 

Review "Brainstorming" page 

to see how... 

Help us launch your middle-class party!  

BOTTOM LINE Keep American dollars working at home not funding other nations. Citizens respond more favorably when in control of their own hard-earned money. The government has to stop taking their citizens' money. Consumers will provide more than adequate financial aid to keep Congress relevant. It’s time Congress learns to do more with less… 

We want Kodel Party members to have a world view but for now, let's get America back on track.

Let's take back the night with will & might.  Strong to its core from the blood, sweat and tears of generations before. 

Americans have such a tenacious spirit. Collectively, we will embrace our country leading from the Middle Class up... ​