Moon Shot

We will listen to your input.  Be forthcoming...

  •  Do it for her. For him. For them.

We are going to educate our society. This is our moonshot. It will yield immeasurable results.

All State Universities, Colleges, Medical & Law Schools will be tuition free for all students. Students will give eight years community service (4,000 hours) to be completed within the following 20 years after graduation.

A Volunteer Community Service Debit Card (VCS) will track hours.

(Fight the urge to ask, “How will we pay for this?” Remember, we are no longer funding foreign régimes, propping up dictatorships, building billion dollar embassies/compounds, misplacing billions with overseas contractors, paying out billions annually in fraudulent tax refunds/medicare payments, and so forth.)

Americans are going to "manage" the money now...

Something that is lacking in our educational system is "teaching" kids and reinforcing on a daily basis and that is "Integrity". This simple word is the key to changing destructive behavior.  Teaching kids about integrity ought to be a critical component of their lives.  What we mean with integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is looking. Once kids buy into this core value, they will conduct themselves accordingly.

Educators, let us know what you think.

Parents know, as do many educators, once a student becomes interested in something, all we need do is step back and watch the learning taking place from an organic baseline. They will consume data without being tasked.

States will be encouraged to bring back vocational training for high school students: Metal & wood shops, auto mechanics, drafting, home-economics, life skills: childcare, checking accounts, banking, finance, budgeting, even the stock market, as these life skills they will need to know once they leave the nest. This will be the new direction of this party. State testing should include practical applications of these vocations. Balance your checkbook and you’re well on your way to passing.

Integrity First. Teachers will no longer pay taxes and that will earn someone in the White House a shiny, red, delicious apple to be sure.  Gone are the days where teachers empty their own pockets to buy school supplies. Class sizes will fall as more teachers are brought into this most noble of professions.

Integrity first. A giant push will be placed on communities to support early education.  Preschool children are thrust into a social setting for perhaps the first time. Crafts, fundamentals, social play and interaction can identify skill-sets and interests early on. Reading is the core element to success later on in school and life. Pre-school is a vital part of education, the cornerstone building block of
organized learning and lessons.


All education centers will be among this nation's top priority. Every opportunity will be afforded every child to prepare them for this brave new world and teach them responsibility, leadership and self-reliance.

Teachers and school administrators must continue to improve on building a child's positive self-image, self-worth, confidence, self-reliance, and take a more active role (measured results) in preventing bullying. No brainer....