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The Kodel Party Administration has actual healthcare solutions.

Healthcare costs are crushing families. Pharmaceutical companies are exploiting a sick system. The Kodel Administration is NOT above nationalizing medicine for the good of our devolving middle-class. This is a clear and present danger. A national security risk. If you don't think this will bring them to the table, think again. #Leverage

We must care for our children, our seniors, our veterans.

NOBODY pays a co-pay anymore!

NOBODY pays for an ambulance ride anymore!

NOBODY pays for medical testing, treatments or operations anymore!

NOBODY pays for 'scripts' anymore!

A Kodel Party paradigm shift does!

Here's how it was for me during my 22-year distinguished USAF career.

At 18, when I needed my 4 wisdom teeth extracted, I went to my on base dentist.

There was no  co-pay. There was no bill. Easy peasy.

When my three sons were born, Total cost: $30!

Had I needed brain surgery, and trust me, it has been suggested from time to time, the bill would have been zero. That's $0.00! Same for a heart or lung transplant or a cough or sprained ankle. It was a free to me system. Military service personnel can receive MRIs, CT scans, have ALL their prescriptions filled, for ... wait for it ... 0! They can seek mental health treatments for $0.00.

Our entire family was covered. That's a pretty good system wouldn't you say?

Thank you by the way. American taxpayers funded the appropriation budgets.

Doctors and nurses were paid a salary based on their rank or rating. 

This is a model which can be expanded with the Kodel Party vision.

As a nation, we only need pivot. 


We MUST CARE FOR OUR VETERANS! We must no longer wage war.  We must make it possible for moms and dads, their children, our brothers and sisters, to exercise true and pure freedoms this great nation affords.  We are not statistics. We are blood, sweat, smiles & tears.  

The Veterans Administration healthcare system is of paramount importance to me. Shameful. This one organization should serve as a beacon of what's wrong with government, management and Congress. This is not leadership. This is precisely what happens when a government grows too big to be effectively managed. As president, I would tear down the entire infrastructure and gut the administrators with a broad brush as they have tolerated this abysmal situation far, far too long.

Our veterans deserve more than, "Thanks for your service."  

They deserve respect! They deserve dental care! Healthcare! Quality care. Compassionate care. As a Vietnam era retired veteran,  I am sickened at how government works in all areas of this country but especially with our returning heroes who sacrificed more than you can ever imagine and just because they  don't don military attire any longer, they are dismissed as a crying statistic. 

Our government would rather fund foreign dictators and prop up other countries than spend the money on our veterans. That's why the care and support is so lacking. Always follow the money! That stops with the Kodel Administration, period! 

It's time for a change without the aid of politicians. We need the citizenry to step up and fill the roles where politicians have failed U.S.  

Vote ONLY Kodel Party candidates...

We will remove the tremendous healthcare burdens and expenses from ALL US citizens and corporate responsibilities and place it squarely on the the shoulders of a grateful nation.

We are taking R-E-S-P-O-N-S-I-B-I-L-I-T-Y! 

And so will you. Universal risk insurance will mandatory for you. Every purchase of a lift ticket, skateboard, motorcycle, hang-glider, rock climbing gear, etc., will incur a fee. This collective fund will help fund our national healthcare system.

Remember, this is a partnership. We are removing ALL income taxes, property taxes (for subsequent years after your initial purchase) and shifting to a new funding paradigm where you are in 100% control of how, when, where and why you spend your hard-earned money. It's entirely up to you if you want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane! 

(Note: Every monetary transaction (NTS) also goes to funding your retirement! 

We will end Social Security payments in approximately 20-40 years as the NTS is  implemented and a huge financial and operational burden is lifted from the federal government. (You really want to read the NTS page.)

We will ensure our population will be well cared for from newborns to seniors.

You will have to pay however for cosmetic surgeries. We are only addressing care to help you feel better. Fix that boo-boo, broken arm, replace that hip, get mental health, hospital stays, tests, blood work, stints, heart valve replacements, the entire gamut, including your scripts and refills. By removing the tax burden and implications from hospitals and medical care personnel, this lowers their overhead tremendously.

We are ending the profiteers. Besides, fines or incarceration or stricter regulations have never been a sufficient deterrent. And make no mistake, if you game the system, you will suffer dire consequences for your bad behavior. Period.

Pill farms, doctors, abuses of any kind will not be tolerated. Selling your pain pills will no longer be profitable as they are now free. We end black markets.

Healthcare Funding:

Currently consumers spend three trillion dollars on goods and services annually. By ending all taxes and returning their entire paychecks to the working class, businesses and corporate America, this will likely triple or even quadruple to twelve trillion dollars annually. 

We will harness this fuel for our economic engine to sustain and grow our economy for centuries to come. Creating more jobs, ending or reducing social program funding and dependence and ending the practice of funding foreign regimes will put America the Beautiful on solid footing and back on track to do more than simply exist but thrive.  Doing more with less will finally end!

A more fully cared for nation will become the new normal. Pre-existing conditions will not prevent you from being cared for.. Premiums end. 

Like the service member, you will also have to give back. By partnering with your nation, you will receive free medical, dental and vision care.  These billing invoices will now be paid by the healthcare system. Your days of filling out endless forms or justifying care comes to an end.

By removing taxes from every American household, you will have the opportunity to budget your full paycheck. Predators will be dealt with more severely but that's for another section of our platform. The linchpin will of course be responsibility. This common thread will be woven into the fabric of life as never before.

Americans will be free to receive care from any medical service provider. Medical. Dental. Vision, Mental Health, etc. If you are dissatisfied, you are free to find someone new. Pre-existing conditions will not prevent care.  An entirely new billing mechanism will fund this endeavor from the ground up.  From consumption to healthcare education to programs outlined specifically throughout this website.


A network of community medical care will be perhaps our most innovative moon shot. We will pay for medical & dental schools American citizens and those doctors will be free from any student debt and will in turn give back to their nation. Their payback will span their entire medical career (20 hours a month), verifiable!

We will begin in earnest by graduating thousands of medical professionals and assuming their debt if they choose to opt in now to our healthcare program as practicing clinicians.

Within 10-20 years this will be a model for all nations to follow.

See the full Discussion - National Transactional Surcharge (NTS) page.

Linking personal AND corporate responsibility to healthcare, American citizens will further fund their own healthcare by paying a 2nd 7% NTS (.14 cents on the dollar) and a 3rd 21% NTS and even a possible 4th and 5th NTS for those products known to create grave medical conditions later in life.  

In a word, you and corporate America will be paying for medical expenses by the choices each makes. It's called Strategic Planning & Responsible Care or (SPARC).  

This SPARC Act will greatly help fund our national medical healthcare system!

As adults, not everyone is responsible. We can't continue as a nation, paying for your bad behavior with tax dollars.  So eat, drink, and be merry. Do whatever compels to enjoy life (within reason) as long as you aren't hurting other 'free' Americans (or Canadians, eh) either directly or indirectly and we'll leave you alone. 

Be the FREE American you desire.  Being free however, is not without consequence (intended or unintended) as each may have severe ramifications.  Asking for help, will always be met with compassionate care, patience and understanding.  They key is to have in place the services you need when you need them.

Companies who produce these specific products will match the 7% NTS x2, x3, x4, x5, at every level of production for raw materials used to produce these consumable items and not pass the costs onto consumers by raising prices of their products. 

Remember, they aren't paying taxes either. They will participate in the NTS!

The list will not be extensive unless science or medicine proves otherwise. Tobacco, is just one example. Alcohol; Sodium; Sugar, and their substitutes; certain processed foods, ice cream, cookies, cakes, chips, pizzas, pastries, pies, fast foods; and known carcinogens; also, fatty foods, cheese, beef, and other non-organic foods and high carbohydrate foods may make the list.  Any product that is now or later known to cause health issues will incur an  NTS multiplier to pay for your medical costs down the road.  

This NTS multiplier will apply to every consumer product or consumption item (goods & services). This extends to food & other harmful products such as skateboards, motorcycles, automobiles, boats, quads, guns, knives, etc., 15+ cents on the dollar is a small price to pay to fix a brain, arm, knee, eye, gut, lung, etc., including prolonged physical therapy.

Hugely controversial as this program may be, it's a far better approach than what we have now. The overriding point to be made here is this is how we as a society of free will and free minds can make choices or pay for the consequences.

For consumable items, the FDA will compile this list and be free from lobby influence. The list may be reviewed annually. This will keep manufacturers accountable for their role but the consumer will also be held accountable and responsible for making informed choices on their consumption habits.

Chemical companies, Pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers will also take the lead in adjusting to this new medical care shift. As they will also be exempt from all taxes, and their stocks traded on stock market exchanges will shore up the loss revenue earning them a constant tax-free income stream--a pure profit center.

As many healthcare corporations are also traded on the stock market, they too will have a tax free income stream from stock trades and will therefore be able to lower their costs for cosmetic procedures and hospitalizations or help fund insurance plans for those wanting a cosmetic procedure. Hospitals will also be exempt from income & property taxes. Their operating budgets and fees will likewise be lowered as a result. 

We will bring the cost of medicines/treatments/prescriptions down to zero for the consumer. Healthcare will be funded by NTS.

Every candy bar you buy, every motorcycle you buy, every cola, hamburger, cookie, cake, pizza, pie, ice cream, alcohol, beer, cigarette, cigar, etc., will fund your future healthcare. Between consumers and manufacturers, the daily income stream ought to total seventy trillion, million dollars, plenty enough to fund any procedure you will need. The truth is, we all know why we are getting fat as a nation and sick and infested with chronic pain and inflammation. This is how we address that. We're NOT telling you what to eat or what risky business or sport you might fine yummy or fascinating, but you will no longer receive a free ride.

Kodel Party innovations will put expenses and costs on a long overdue course of recovery. These costs must meet head-on and half-way in this "New Normal". Taxes cause everything to rise in price. We are going to eliminate taxes for every citizen; for every business, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies.

This is the dawning of a new era.

Eat, Drink, be Merry

This is how YOU pay for YOUR Healthcare. One purchase at a time.