Homeland Security

Securing our Homeland

This is a real concern and priority of every American citizen.  We no longer live in a world of innocence. "Leave it to Beaver and Ozzie and Harriet" are dead.  We must turn the corner with our sister nations in our own hemisphere where people not governments run countries. This is how we protect our population, way of life & property.

Strengthening our homeland will be a top priority of the Kodel Administration.  We have forces stretched the world over. We'll bring them home & stretch them here.  

Making America strong from within gives the world a new order.

Switzerland doesn't protect the world. Nor does Italy. Nor does France. Nor does Mexico. Nor does the Philippines. Nor does Spain. Nor does Canada. But together, we can! We need something bigger than NATO. 

Those who would plunder other nations will be dealt with by a world body, not solely the U.S. and its allies.

Our ports, shores, airspace, food, water, air, and yes, our borders will gain our full attention. Our infrastructure will fall under Homeland Security as well.

We will serve and protect America.

We need to reestablish trust and leadership.

Other nations will have to step-up and become responsible to their own interests.

We will ask Americans to support our efforts as we seek to protect them with the best technologies, the best trained men and women, and the best intentions we have to offer.  

Funding a $T+ US TAXPAYER FUNDED Wall is not fiscally sound.

Leadership is innovative! ​

Building a wall will be circumvented. It only costs a few hundred dollars to fly from Mexico to Canada. Much easier to drop down into America that way.

Would you have us a build a wall encircling our continent? That would bankrupt our nation. A wall or fence is great for keeping deer out of your garden but not people.

People are like moles, they will find a way to breech any wall.

Better Solution:

Helping Mexico and our sister Americas improve their nations is the answer. These are our neighbors. For far too long we have neglected our neighbors. For some odd reason we are fixated on the middle east! It's time to pivot.

Not by 'giving' money to their governments but by improving their way of life. Jobs, crime and housing improvements along with human freedoms and rights we enjoy is the best solution for ending the onslaught migration to our country.

We must 'lure' people back to their native lands with real world incentives. The jobs we can create in helping develop these countries will not only feed your family but sustain new generations. Think of the Peace Corps on steroids. 

Sound government democracies is imperative. Dictatorships? How do they even exist? Are people that  incapable of self-governing or leadership?

Would you come to the land of milk and honey if you lived in abject poverty, crime invested neighborhoods where gangs terrorize your family by killing you!? Nobody wants to live this way. Danger is not in vogue.

We don't set the example by building a wall.

How we interact with our own citizens and those of our sister nations, on the world stage, will improve perceptions and realities. We are heading down our own path of becoming just like them. Our nation's neighborhoods are steeped in crime, decay, low paying jobs, diminishing opportunities, racial divides. The land of milk and honey is souring. We can solve this problem if we turn our attention away from world domination and start leading by example. 

Our homeless population and nation of addicts and crime really can't be ignored any longer. Someone needs to scream from the bell tower. Where is Paul Revere?