The Soviet Union collapsed

 right before our eyes. Any idea why?

Simply put, they put guns before butter
and their extreme lack of ingenuity, leadership or innovation.

We CAN restore the  MIDDLE CLASS American Dream!

(Aristocrats will NEVER have 

your interests at heart.)

We are not the Soviets

 (formerly known as U.S.S.R.)

We are NOT Venezuela.

We are NOT North Korea.
We are NOT Iran.

We are NOT British or Canadian, eh.


Like it or not, we are the

 backbone of this planet.

We are America the Beautiful.

It's time we start acting like it.

It's time to solve this nation's problems.


Infrastructure is more than 

roads and bridges.

Every community can benefit from dozens, if not hundreds,
of improvement projects and programs including power grids,
parks, water treatment plants, sports complexes, upgrading cast iron lead leaching water/sewer lines, etc.

When your government sends your tax dollars overseas decade after decade
propping up foreign regimes and dictators, funding ongoing war efforts, of course, there's nothing left!  

A Kodel Administration  will do whatever it takes to bring back neighborhoods, cities, towns, and states. Making them vibrant again will be our mandate.  Citizens demand it.

Children deserve it!


Our nation in collapse—in deep decay.

Every dime sent /spent abroad is a dime not spent on improving, maintaining or otherwise creating a better America.

How did we get so lost?  A broken country helps no one.

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will the money come from you ask?
Not taxes!

Keeping U.S. dollars

 in this country is how.

Americans will roll up 

their collective sleeves
and pitch in as never before.

Every dollar they spend on their own lives, will fund this country.

There will be no end to the community  projects all across this country once the K-Party policies are in place.


The proverbial cow is out of the barn. Cast your NEXT vote with a pitchfork!


A fully engaged & employed society,

 will generate & sustain a thriving economy to preserve family values; real estate values; educational values, and ease the financial hardships on every single American. 

This is the very essence of life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness as

 I understand it... 

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