Innovation Re-imagined



is the driving force behind our very existence as American pioneers and must be encouraged to flourish in all areas of this wonderful country. ​

We need real leadership short on bickering, blah, blah speeches or playing to a particular audience.

 The Kodel Party will take the lead in both leadership & BIG IDEAS.

 It's just how we roll...


The federal government must be reduced in nature, force and scope (span of control). States will assume the primary responsibility for their domains under our administration. 

We recognize there are haters and distractors of a Capitalist society. It's time for those people to leave. 

Capitalism: an economic system in which the means of production and distribution are privately owned and operated for a profit. This is who we are, as a nation. Live within our world, or move to a more welcoming country that better meets your ideals for existence on the planet. We'll buy your one-way ticket.  

We need to operate as a business, out in the open, without shame, without interference or over regulation. 

Government has shown its willingness to bail out those too big to fail banks. State and federal government must partner with, not parent, citizens and businesses

The U.S. Government is not a money tree. That would make us the fertilizer. We are not the fertilizer. We are the fruits of our labors. 

Wall Street and Main Street must do more than co-exist.  They must work together to improve America from 

cul-de-sac(s) to alleyways.   

This is the "NEW NORMAL."



This is the "NEW NORMAL."


THE KODEL PARTY (aka) The $30K Party will engage & encourage youth, the lower & middle classes to realize the only way to take back America from those stodgy bureaucrats is to vote. That's your power! Take it back. We want every single person that reads this, to register to vote. Encourage others. Make this your personal mission in life. 

As we gain more awareness & acceptance our influence will grow. Help us reboot this country into what you think it should be. Whether you are a liberal, capitalist,  socialist, green party, minimalists, conservative,  independent, we want your ideas for America the Beautiful.  We want to build the best nation possible taking into account all the voices which make this smart, diverse, country as great as she is--America the Beautiful.  

Here's one example of where we want to go when we speak of empowering you to take control of all your money: 

Would you rather pay taxes or help raise money for a worthy cause by attending or donating to a concert, e.g., (Farm-Aid)? Celebrity Telethons, can raise hundreds of millions of dollars in one day.  Star power can raise more money for more causes than any other government or private segment on the globe. We must fully explore this goodwill initiative.

ENERGY Energy Secretary Chu 

once said how he made the final decisions on a half-billion-dollar "loan" to a California solar company that later went bankrupt. 

Chu tells a House panel 


that he made all decisions involving the company known as Solyndra, and says he made those judgments 

with the best interests of the "taxpayer" in mind. 

Chu tells lawmakers, quote: "I want to be clear: Over the course of Solyndra's loan guarantee,

I did not make any decisions based on "political" considerations."  

[under oath]




 is just one of the alternative funding

 sources for this nation.

​                              (Smiles are another!)


(Also See Brainstorming Item #10)

Jobs are created through innovation. We used to lead the world implementing ideas. We need big projects to live up to America the Beautiful. We get so distracted with wars, conflicts and our incessant need to dominate the world through back-channel politics and funding (propping up) foreign regimes wasting trillions of taxpayer dollars and flexing our will and might through aggression. Is it any wonder then why the world is so complicated and so dangerous? Cultures are pushing back.

The Kodel Party Administration won't make this mistake because we won't fund speculations or corporate America--ever!  That's why we have Wall Street.  Period! As far as developing energy, it's full steam ahead. [Pun intended.]       

This nation must act now and stop
the nonsensical conversation inaction​.
​Utilizing all of America's rich soil can mean putting an end to  world hunger, now and forever.  

Supporting the unsung heroes, the hard-working farmers and ranchers will be a top priority of the Kodel Administration.



Under the K-Party, commerce & innovators will receive every opportunity to excel. Government will not fund these great projects.  Its citizens will through innovate ways. 

It's time to kick-start this country...

 From the Middle Class UP!

It's time to harness our Brain Trust...



 Be braver still and run for an elected  office as a Kodel Party candidate! 

For  America the Beautiful


 Water is life.  

 A beautiful,  natural,  national treasure,  aqueduct system is another big idea we have and will implement.  


We will capture rain water and flood waters diverting them to a major infrastructure initiative. 

We will build a modern, highly efficient, innovative  aqueduct system throughout  our nation's farmlands & ranches ending droughts forever. 

This is what American leadership 

and Innovation looks like.

Beyond employment, these national infrastructure accomplishments give our nation more than busy work. It saves farms and lives. We will capture water (which is lost to the sea) from rain, mountains, snow, and beneath the ground. Water will flow from this great nation to every farmland and every acre this country has available. Never again will we live in drought or floods. 

There is a hungry world out there including our own communities of starving children & families needing America’s pioneering spirit, innovations and grace.. 


 Capturing and storing lightning in a bottle as stored energy is possible and practical as an innovative initiative.  

Imagine how much more we could accomplish if we fund more creative endeavors, projects, dreams and stop funding wars in other countries.

 The Kodel Party is going to re- purpose our nation's mission and do more inspiring and leading by example.

We will have a thousand "Moon Shots" which will set this nation on its path for the next generations to come.


The Kodel Party White House

is going to reignite innovation as never seen before in modern times utilizing the collective brain trust of our nation's minds and those around the world. It has to be MORE than catching moonbeams or fireflies in a jar.


It will put thousands of people to work, from engineers & environmentalist, surveyors & heavy equipment operators, to cement haulers & spreaders, farmers and ranchers and so, so much more.

We'd LOVE to hear your ideas too.