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A National Lottery will be implemented to fund Healthcare, National Disasters, NASA and other worthwhile endeavors as deemed appropriate by citizens. 

Lotteries will fund these and more national and community foundations. Americans will also be able to call and donate at will now that they no longer pay taxes. They will decide how their money is spent, donated. 

As a lottery player, you will benefit too: Lottery odds will be greatly improved allowing for more winners by reducing the required numbers/ combinations.

A National Charity/Lottery Phone Bank will be created:

1 (400) RED CROSS (RED)
1 (400) NASA Exploration Fund (MARS)
1 (400) Make a Wish Foundation (WISH)
1 (400) Humane Society Fund (HS)

1 (400) Humanitarian Goodwill (HG)
1 (400) Salvation Army (SA)
1 (400) National Literacy Coalition  (NLC)
1 (400) National Food Bank (NFB)

1 (400) Tornado Relief Fund (TRF)
1 (400) Hurricane Relief Fund (HRF)
1 (400) Foreign Disaster Aid (FDA)
1 (400) Shriner Hospital (SH)

1 (400) St. Jude Children's Research Hospital (SJCRH)
1 (400) Appalachian Hungry Project (AHP)
1 (400) Better Bridges Improvement Project (BBIP)

1 (400) Better Roads Capitalization Project (BRCP)

1 (400) Teacher Thank you Supplemental Fund (TTSF)

1 (400) Policemen Thank you Services Fund (PTHSF)

1 (400) Firefighters Thank you Services Fund (FTHSF)

1 (400) Head Start Fund (HSF)

1 (400) Higher Education Endowment Fund (HEEF)

1 (400) Wounded Warriors Project (WWP)

1 (400) Navy Seal Foundation (NSF)

1 (400) Cancer Research Foundation (CRF)

1 (400) Aids Research Fund (ARF)

1 (400) Forest Lands Foundation (FLF)

1 (400) National Parks Fund (NPF)

1 (400) Clean Fresh Water Fund (CFWF)

1 (400) Clean Streams Project (CSP)

1 (400) Clean Oceans Foundation (COF)

1 (400) Clean Beaches Foundation (CBF)

1 (400) Neighbor Home Fire Disaster Fund (NHFDF)

1 (400) Domestic Family Assistance Fund (DFAF)

1 (400) Foster Care Fund (FCF)

1 (400) Habitual Influence & Recovery Fund  (HIRF)

1 (400) Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund (EDRF)

1 (400) Flood Recovery Fund (FRF)
1 (400) Breast Cancer Research Fund (BCRF)
1 (400) Prostate Cancer Research Fund (PCRF)
1 (400) Heart Health Research Fund (HHRF)

1 (400) Autism Research Fund (ARF)
1 (400) SIDS Research Fund (SRF)
1 (400) Down Syndrome Research Fund (DSRF)
1 (400) Stem Cell Research Fund (SCRF)

1 (400) Adoption Alternative Fund (AAF)
1 (400) End Teenage Homeless Fund (ETHF)

1 (400) Blind Foundation (BF)
1 (400) Hearing Impaired Foundation (HIF)

1 (400) Traumatic Brain Injury Fund (TBIF)
1 (400) Physical Fitness Foundation (PFF)
1 (400) Boys and Girl Clubs of America (BGCA)

  • Call centers will create thousands of jobs generating trillions of dollars. Each call will cost $1 to fund + your donation.

  1. -- Donations will be applied 100% to organizations.
  2. -- Each fund will undergo monthly forensic audits.
  3. -- Eliminating the IRS will not eliminate accountants.
  4. -- Each fund will have separate operating budgets.

Americans are terribly generous & will voluntarily contribute to fund national projects, departments, organizations, research, explorations, etc.  We've already seen this with telethons, crowd funding, Farm Aid, Beat Cancer drives, etc. Eliminating taxes empowers Americans to give even more.  This is a far better approach than being taxed and leaving the funding decisions to Congress! They only waste your money. (See the WasteBook discussion above.)

(State lotteries have earned states hundreds of billions in the past decade alone; trillions, collectively, since inception.) Lottery jackpots can be reduced from needing 6 numbers to 2 or 3 or 4 and by reducing the available numbers to choose from 60 or 80 to 10 or 20, etc., will greatly increase your odds of winning generating even more money to fund worthwhile endeavors on a consistent basis.

(See Brainstorming Item #28)

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