Paradigm Funding Shift 

The US Treasury will no longer be funded by taxpayers.

States will bear this burden. 

The Kodel Party will end ALL taxes, replacing them with a National Transactional Surcharge instead.

Workers will keep every dime they earn! Consumers will regain their buying power and be 100% in control of when, where, why and how they spend 'their' hard-earned money.

By adding more disposable income for all workers AND businesses, stimulating the economy even more, by eliminating ALL taxes for all citizens AND businesses, 

we can reshape the country 

as never before.

This is why we need you as a founding father and founding mother for a new America.  

We WILL end ALL TAXES as you know them. This includes income taxes, capital gains taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, inheritance taxes, lottery taxes, all of them.

The American Dream is truly achievable but you need to step up and push back against 

the status quo. 

Someone tweeted recently how the media nor the two national parties will ever allow the

 Kodel Party.

As Middle Class Americans 

that is ALL we need to succeed.


I find it so funny. You get that we don't need their permission right? 

Did our forefathers ask permission of their KING? Or did they take back their country?  The latter is the correct answer.

If union leaders pulled their bodies together we could definitely gain the attention of those who would otherwise discourage U.S. 

 One voice accomplishes nothing. Can you imagine one signature on the Declaration of Independence?  

Bill of Rights?  Hardly...

It's time for you, yes, you, to step up and help us build the Kodel Party as a legitimate party of the people by the people for the people. Okay? So do we have a deal?  Will you lead us out from under our current form of government which you know is wholly impotent. 

16th Amendment


 Passed by Congress on July 2, 1909, and ratified February 3, 1913, the 16th amendment established Congress's right to impose a Federal income tax. 

 The Kodel Party is progressive & innovative.

 We will eliminate 

ALL state and federal taxes (including property, sales, inheritance, capital gains, income, etc.) 

University educations will be free through medical & law schools. 

We will ensure free 

healthcare for all. 

This IS NOT Socialism.

All of this is possible by simply

 shifting the stars.


Americans will manage their own money. Wall Street will take the lead

 in funding the US Treasury. 

Policies that send trillions of dollars overseas propping up foreign regimes

 will end. 

We will instead bring the exponential force of all our resources to our citizens, our children, our nation’s infrastructure, healthcare, education. 

This is our Manifest Destiny! 



  In 2016 American voters were sick of Congressional ineptitude and were presented with two options. The unintended consequence of a wholly impotent Congress resulted!   



 Remember, the power of social media is that our tipping point can come as early as overnight. #CrackTheUniverse #SweepDC #FlashMobVote 




Our New Funding paradigm removes billions of dollars from the federal government's control and  puts the power 

and control in your hands. 


Instead of the current funding model (taxes) ... 

The Kodel Party proposes: 

A 7% National Transactional Surcharge (NTS).

This NTS will be applied on all goods & services. 

You decide, on a daily basis, where and how "your" hard-earned dollars are spent.

 In a sense, you will be voting every single day. 


The power you will yield will be unprecedented. Especially if you ban together in blocks, further exercising your purchasing power. 

Once your National Transaction Surcharge (NTS) is collected by the states, it is their responsibility to fund the federal government and state projects. 

From candy bars to yachts, everyone will pay the same--7% NTS (or whatever the actual percentage is determined). 

Well, that's not entirely accurate. For specific foods that create or contribute to our healthcare crisis, the NTS will increase to at least 15%.  This will put the burden of funding healthcare on those who will likely need it most, one bite at a time.


(See Healthcare page.) 

There are billions of transactions daily. Probably more!  This 7% rate could be locked for one decade. With Americans possessing the power of their paychecks, they will regain control over their lives and competition will force prices downward.  

This surcharge will be collected and sent to state treasuries 

to fund states. 

This transaction model will provide a statewide minute by minute income stream that will serve as the needed fuel to run the 

state’s economic engine.  

7 cents from every dollar will be your fair American share.  

Later, you will see how Wall Street will take the lead in funding the

 U. S. Government along with other programs that keep Americans in charge of all their money. 

(See Brainstorming, Wall Street, Economy discussions) 

The Ruling Middle Class can and will accomplish great things. It's time to restore equilibrium.




It's time we put a new face on the economy. Citizens will no longer fund the Federal Government directly.

The 50 States of America will collect revenue generated within their states and a percentage of these monies will fund the federal government.  

Whatever is collected by states and sent to DC will become the federal budget, period!

It is the mandate of the Kodel Party to relinquish the FED stranglehold on states and return the power, and a great deal of the responsibility to the states. It is simply a management principle, "span of control."

States will do a much better job running their own states and programs. States who do not manage their resources effectively or efficiently, will not have the federal government available to bail them out and will have to answer directly to the citizenry.

This is the dawning of a new age of government.  The federal operating budget will naturally be less. (Our tax dollars will no longer fund wars or aggression.) Congress will no longer have at its disposal, unlimited taxpayer funding to waste or send overseas. The money earned and generated within our borders will be spent on our people and communities. America First.

This new paradigm will give citizens complete control of all “their” money and it will be at their discretion how it is spent. Minimum wage now becomes a living wage.

If you earn $30k at you job, your take-home pay will be $30k !!!

This is a true economic freedom!

Income taxes, payroll taxes, capital gains taxes, property taxes, inheritance taxes, sales taxes--all gone!!!!

(Retirement will be lowered to 59.) IRAs will be funded by differently. Social Security will no longer exist once NTS is phased in over the next 20 years under this new funding model--eliminating a major gov't expense that will no longer be necessary. Healthcare and education will also be funded more efficiently. The federal government needs to get out of the business of "business." Case in point, the wasted $600,000,000 bringing The Affordable Health Care Act online; or funding Solyndra energy as another wasted project of $385 million of your tax dollars.  

This has to stop!

(Please read the) 


$500 Million


If you win $500 million in a Mega Million or Powerball Lottery jackpot, you keep it ALL!  

You and you alone decide when, how and where to spend it. It's YOUR MONEY. 

The Government has 


You decide how to improve your station in life, your family, your very extended family, charities, endowments, or send your winnings to aid citizens in foreign countries who need food, medical equipment and supplies. You will be a far better steward of your money than your 'Uncle' Sam.  Believe that!

Instead of taxes,The Kodel Party has a plan where Wall Street helps fund our government as never before.  It's a creative, innovative forward-thinking master plan.

(And yes, you can nominate our candidate for the Nobel Prize.)

He'd like that...

A Kodel Administration has a plan where state and federal governments become self-sustaining by investing in America instead of 

taxing US citizens to death. 

Gone are the ever present funding levies. As our government shrinks in size, power, overreach and control, they will not require as much money to function. 

We will end the daily million dollar payouts to foreign regimes and keep that money home where it belongs rebuilding America, creating jobs, improving the lives of Americans. Improving and updating our many infrastructure needs, power grids, water sheds, roads, bridges, buildings, etc.

We want to change the way our government is funded and how our tax money is spent, wasted!

If you are 100% in control of YOUR money, the power you yield is nearly immeasurable.

The Kodel Party empowers you to decide when, where and how to spend your money, by replacing ALL taxes with a small national transaction surcharge (NTS) proposed at 7 cents for every dollar you spend, with a few exceptions for healthcare concerns of 15 cents per dollar, which will fund future medical costs, the federal government, while also creating income/profit streams for you [providing you with hundreds of thousands of dollars at retirement]. 

A collective effort which benefits everyone, including businesses and governments (city, state, federal).  We must end social programs. That's not an efficient way to lead a country. We want to lift Americans up. We want to give businesses true leadership and get out of their way so they can compete, thrive and sustain our working force through innovation by ending bureaucracy once and for all.

The Kodel Party will ask Congress to designate a national holiday were we celebrate the annual


$15 Hour


Don't Panic

The Kodel Administration
Does NOT support a $15hr minimum wage!

An entry level wage ought to be what the market will bear!

If you are a 16 year old high school student, $8hr is plenty. This writer started at $1.40hr!

If you are a 40+ year old man or woman trying to support your family on MINIMUM WAGE this means either you lack ambition, education or were not afforded opportuities for advancement.  Nobody expects you to feed your family on an entry level wage. This is precisely why The Kodel Party will eliminate ALL your taxes. Federal, State and even those stupid fees on your utility bills, cell phone bills, gas taxes, etc.



(National Transactional Surcharge)

Here's why. It’s about you, as an employee, taking your power back and it’s about employers understanding and appreciating your value. An employer can’t exist without you! You have to understand this concept. They do. Employers risk their entire livelihoods in deciding to start a business. If you don’t appreciate this, you should. To force them with unrealistic financial constraints before they’ve even earned their first dollar is an unfair and unnecessary burden that puts their enterprise and family in peril.

Nobody wins if this business goes under. Our objective is for everyone to not only strive for success but to succeed. Existing businesses, those with sales, profits, budgets, etc., will know exactly how to establish their payroll structure and not risk their businesses. If they don’t offer a fair wage, it’s up to you to take responsibility and not to apply for work. Eventually, equilibrium will be established.

Income inequality is a flawed concept. Nobody is 'entitled.' Nowhere is it written where everyone should earn the same wage. We are all individuals. We are all unique. We all possess different intellectual levels. We all make choices, rightly or wrongly. We all have different interests. We all have different levels of ambition, inspiration, dedication. We all demonstrate different levels of effort. We all have different experiences, training, education, etc. People have to drop this entitlement mindset once and for all. You are not entitled. What you do deserve is equal opportunity. No barriers whatsoever.  This is our mandate.

Under the Kodel Administration workers and businesses will no longer have to pay taxes. This will allow you to earn and keep a pure wage. Having more disposal income will empower you as never before. It gives you 100% control of the money you earn. That’s how you take back your power. The government is no longer going to pull money from your checks. This goes far beyond the scope of this $15 minimum wage discussion but suffice it to say, the government will get lean and be prevented from wasting trillions of hard earned tax dollars funding foreign regimes; because, frankly, that’s where your money goes and that stops now.

State and Federal government must exit this debate at all levels and leave it to the free market.

If for example, a franchise hamburger chain wants to thrive in the burger business, they require employees to make and sell those burgers. If they don't pay enough, it's up to you "the employee" to walk away. Better yet, don't even apply if the pay is so little or not to your liking. You could negotiate for a higher wage at this particular establishment. The responsibility for low wages rests solely on the workforce. They won't sell even one burger without you. You need to take back YOUR POWER.

As a collective body (workforce) you have to make them see your value.  

A business has made a huge investment in starting their business. It makes sense for them to budget that investment into their wages. If they can't pay a healthy wage, they ought not be in business and

would do better working for someone else themselves.

Another example. Hotels and motels need their rooms made up. Otherwise, no traveler would stay in their establishment. If they don't pay a wage you accept, don't apply.  Eventually, they will come around as few managers want to make beds or clean rooms. DEMAND a higher wage by letting the marketplace dictate the fair wage. We have to let the capital markets work they way they are supposed to.

Supply and demand. This goes for labor too.

This is exactly what happens with companies. It's competition that lowers prices.

Also, it is not businesses responsibility to provide for you and your family. That falls on your shoulders. It is your responsibility to improve your worth through education, job skills, etc., for better paying jobs. High School students need entry level jobs to learn responsibilities and earn some money. Not $15hr.

Besides, waiting for many years to reach the $15hr level doesn't solve today's economic problem!

A possible work-around for small businesses against the wave of $15hr implementation is to stop offering wage positions altogether and only offer salaried ones.  The unintended consequences of this $15hr movement has yet to be realized. The 'entitled' generation believes everyone should cater to their every whim on demand. It's the wrong mindset.

Socialist supporters are of this generation. They feel entitled and want everything for free.

That's not how the world works and never will. It's lazy.

Ideally, a winning working business model is where employees are stakeholders in the company.
WINCO is a great example. Many employees are millionaires. It fosters incredible loyalty; lower loss prevention and fully compensated employees (all who own the company).

WINCO = Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, Oregon.
Google it.

The burden on small businesses is not being understood by those seeking a minimum wage increase. It's imperative to look at the big picture from both sides. Under the Kodel Administration, we end ALL taxes as you know them. Paychecks will be fat as a result. Workers will have total control over the money they earn. If it's not enough at a particular job, find another higher paying one. Employers will also no longer have to withhold from your paycheck and pay for your entitlements. We are shifting responsibilities where they belong.  Businesses will no longer pay taxes, so they will have more money.

Employers no longer having to pay taxes lightens their financial burden dramatically. The days of just getting by are over under the Kodel Administration. Employees will pay for their own dental, healthcare, or like incentives such as 401(k) matching. This is an extreme burden (expense) for employers.

The entire USA minimum wage workforce nearly doubles their income under our policies

and aren't taxed either, improving their quality of life, self-esteem, pride and most importantly,

they earn respect for themselves. This is the American Dream.

Unions protect its members. We need the entire union body to support the Kodel Party. But now unions can focus on workplace safety not income. Nobody but you belongs in your wallet!

This isn't only about food services. It's about the entire minimum wage workforce. Doubling their income is a good thing for the U.S. economy. Rising from poverty actually creates new pathways for advancement and quality of life, lifting morale and improving self-esteem, giving real hope to millions of loyal Americans. What business wouldn't want more affluent and abundant customers? Demand for goods and services will create more jobs and more importantly reduce social service programs, lifting the burden from communities, states and federal governments. Make sense? It's called common sense and fiscal responsibility. Look, the government is a horrible steward of public funds. We endeavor to put the money back into your pocket once and for all giving you complete control of your hard work.

During 'my' time as an Air Force sergeant on a special duty assignment with the Commander-in-Chief, Pacific (CINCPAC) at Camp H.M. Smith, Hawaii, I had Navy & Marine enlisted friends on 'food stamps' and this never made sense to me--how lower ranking enlisted personnel were working/living below minimum wage. How does a government permit this?  The same thing is happening to a vast majority of the civilian workforce. The Kodel Party would fix this once and for all. In fact, the entire mission of the Kodel Party is meant to champion the working, middle class. This is our premise. We will also make it better for the upper middle classes. They also should not be misrepresented. Prosperity for everyone is our mission. We have to clear pathways for you to succeed but it is you who has to walk the path.

One way we accomplish this is to stop using your hard-earned money to fund other dictators, foreign regimes and wasted programs. Let's repeat what you already know: The federal government is not a good steward of the national wealth. The Kodel Party would rather you control your own money! All of it.

People working at low paying jobs deserve more respect than they get, more than we give them. You no longer have to pay taxes under our platform so you will have more money. It's your money. We're just giving it back to you. Want more money, find a higher paying job. When you climb the ladder of success, you empty the rungs below you giving more opportunities for those just starting out. More discretionary income will improve your quality of life. The critical message here is to put all Americans in charge of their own money. What a concept. You are not going to be arbitrarily taxed; you can spend your money any way YOU choose. If you waste your own money, that's on you.

Ending the complete tax structure by implementing the National Transaction Surcharge (NTS) of only 7 cents on the dollar is meant to replace the entire IRS (Federal/State) taxes. Basically it's a consumption surcharge. Better you decide where and how your money goes than some bureaucratic tax code/tables.

Homeowners, imagine paying a property sales surcharge only once when you buy your house and not for the next 30+ years! Imagine what you could do with your saved 29+ years of property taxes. Common sense says you'll spend your money going to more monthly movies, dinners, shopping, trips, etc.

People will have full and complete access to their hard-earned paychecks. When they spend their money on goods & services this will create an enduring cycle of prosperity. There will actually be MORE jobs not less.

When people have more buying power many positive things happen. Prices actually go down. When you have more money, more disposable income, you have options. That gives you more freedoms.

Consumers vote with their dollars every single day. Those who want to trade their products and services for your dollars or bitcoins will compete for your business. This lowers prices.  The Kodel Party wants you to keep your entire paycheck. You will have 100% say where to spend it.  Every working person will be able to afford better automobiles; homes; education; groceries; clothing; entertainment; appliances; services, vacations, etc. This stimulates an economy. 

Why can't the leadership of this country figure this out?  

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