The universal desire to be heard inspires me to listen to you.

“Together, with a little grace, we can make this world a better, kinder, safer place.” Steve William Laible (K-OR)

Don't ask permission...MAKE the Rules!!!

And while clichés are important when forming a narrative, as they tap into the universality of mankind, I have to ask you, “What differences will you make?” I encourage you to do something great in 2020—one thing for you and one for mankind.

Legislatures will NEVER implement your common sense, heartfelt, long overdue call for change. Ask yourself why Congress didn’t make sweeping gun legislative changes after they themselves were mowed down during a Congressional softball game? Nothing changed after twenty first graders and six teachers were slaughtered at Sandy Hook. In not Columbine, how then is Parkland the tipping point? Can you, will you, sustain your fervor to effect real change?

Imagine the possibilities. This is your moment. You are brave, bright, passionate and driven. Stop asking permission. Set your own agenda. Make your own rules! I am inviting you to unite under the Kodel Party banner. Change your stars and the stars of countless souls behind you!

America has been devolving for decades, long before you were even born. With broken hearts you have had an ‘awakening.’ How do we put a stop to this gun violence? Leadership is how. Put people in charge, not politicians owned by lobbyists.

You must move beyond your flaming torches. Take back your country with your #No2ElectionPencils Run for every office in the land on the Kodel Party ticket and #WinUSBackfor #AmericaTheBeautiful #TheGlobalKindnessInitiative ~ 

Facebook / Twitter: @SteveLaible @KodelParty

Dateline Grants Pass, Oregon birthplace of the Kodel Party - 2016. 

A NEW political party vision putting middle class representation front and center. As a nation, we MUST STOP anointing Billionaires, Millionaires, Aristocrats, Bigots & Bullies or Conspiracy Theorists as our rulers! #DoNotAnoint

Let’s be better prepared in 2020 and beyond! Our Goal is to infiltrate the White House, Congress and every state legislature with only Kodel Party members thereby creating a relevant Middle Class third party necessary to challenge the status quo and staid policies of ‘government.’ 

Organize. Petition. March. Read. Rally. Tweet. Like. Pin. Talk. Share. Fav. Engage. Believe. Step up. Fund raise. Become a voice for the change you truly want. Be the GOOD you want to see in the world. We don’t have to win to effect change. Going forward, once established & recognized, vote only Kodel Party members for America the Beautiful!

If you haven’t noticed before now, ‘Politics’ has become a #BlindCult mentality. They follow instead of leading. They serve their self-interests. They do not represent you. You don’t matter to them. You really don’t. You must change this paradigm for the survival of our country. This is your time. Whomever you vote for says more about you than the candidate! The country is behind you!

Organize & improve our platform on these pages.  We didn't get it all right but it is a start. Make it yours. You will be 100% in charge! Propel the Kodel Party vision from concept to reality onto the national stage where you are in power; where you set the agenda and where you pass the laws as the #NewMajority #Millennials #GenZ

Join the Kodel Party. Bone up #BrainStormingPage

Tragically impotent “adults” have failed you terribly in ‘continued’ horrific ways. You CONTINUE to lose your brothers & sisters because of their inaction. These were not unintended consequences. They were instead premeditated, predictable outcomes from legislative inaction. It boils down to cowardice and greed. Conflicts of interests (money) keep them from doing the ‘right’ things! Let there be no mistake. A new day in American politics is upon us! #NeverAgain #Parkland

Why is it a nation with elite universities, stellar minds, and the 1st moon landing has yet to figure out how to best resolve the access to automatic weapons? #ParklandStudentBody #MSDHeroes

Marjory Stoneman Douglas Student Body Who knew? A revolution has begun. Like-mindedness can effect true, lasting change. Maybe a tactic to make our schools safe is to unite as one collective voting block!



2nd Amendment

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has morphed the 2nd Amendment to fit their narrative!

Yes, a gun, as an inanimate object, is no more responsible for slaughter & mayhem than a pencil is for misspelling the narrative. However, the ‘solution’ to end mass shootings is not that complicated. It requires only ‘reasonable’ minds and the will to lead by example for the greater good.

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1791 as part of the Bill of Rights, guaranteed the right to keep and bear arms as necessary to maintain a state militia. Period!

The 2nd Amendment was meant to protect colonies from ever again becoming overthrown by an unforgiving government. Single shot, flintlock muskets were the arms of the day.  Our nation has evolved in such a way, that no personal collection of arms could ever withstand an assault from our nation’s armed forces with their unsurpassed military armament of rockets, jets, bombs, fighter jets, etc., making the 2nd Amendment’s original intention moot.

The musket took 1 minute to reload. After the flintlock revolution, an ordinary soldier could reload in 20 seconds or shoot 3 times a minute. Compare this to the modern era AR-15 with a bump stock & high capacity magazines which can spray thousands of rounds in just minutes! This weapon of mass destruction simply cannot be available in a ‘civilized’ society.

The “cyclic rate” of the AR-15 fires 800 rounds a minute which is 13.3 rounds per second!

The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (1929) linked to Al Capone used Thompson Machine Guns (Tommy Guns) which have been banned. The Gatling gun, the forerunner to the modern machine gun, which can dispense from 2,000 to 6,000 rounds per minute, has been outlawed. C-4 plastic explosives, used by the military, dynamite, TNT, are all highly regulated and not available to the general public let alone teens. Ammo is not covered under the 2nd Amendment.

“Liberty can't be preserved without a general knowledge among the people. Let us dare to read, think, speak & write.” ~ John Adams 1st VP.

Our Forefathers didn’t always get it right, ergo ‘amendments.’

As an example: It took 145 years from the birth of our nation (1776) until 1920 for the Nineteenth (19th) Amendment to be ratified finally ‘allowing’ women the ‘right’ to vote!!!      Can you imagine?

Principles, Values, Integrity, Leadership, Common Sense matters! When these core components of a nation wither, we all lose. If we always do what we’ve always done, we will always get what we’ve always got. 

Make sense?

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