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(I was born in Ashland in 1953.) 

Much of my youth was spent in Ashland, Grants Pass, Klamath Falls, Burns, and Coos Bay. It was important for me to return to my roots after retiring from the USAF (Age 40) to raise my three sons in the family hometown atmosphere I had enjoyed growing up and to have my sons attend high school where my mom and grandparents graduated.

I enlisted in the USAF serving my nation as a Mustang for 22 years, 

(Enlisted 14 years, Officer 8 years) retiring on New Year's Eve 1993.

Being away for two decades, I noticed my home state had changed. 

I have such an affinity for Oregon. Once, while in New Jersey attending a leadership academy, someone said I had an accent. 

I said, "No I don't. I'm from Oregon. " 

(You know, Pacific Normal Time.)

Having a creative nature, I find politics both exhilarating and boring. 

It gets so old with all of the rhetoric blah, blah promises and alike.

 Government ought to move quicker, leaner and way more efficiently.

I will never lie to you!

USAF Commissioning Honor Code:

"I will never lie, steal, cheat or tolerate those who do."

I  wrote another one too:

"Choose Integrity as Your True North and You Will Never Get Lost."

Having spent two tours of duty in Wash DC

 (The Pentagon/Joint Chiefs of Staff and the USAF Honor Guard) 

I've seen the dirt and grime from the inside and the good!

I will never suck up to get your vote or stay in office.

Country first. Then You. Then Party. Then me.

I have lived in Grants Pass for 25 years now 

and not much has improved.

 I think that is a direct result of a lack of will, vision, 

priorities & leadership.

Politics has too many people setting the table.

I have a big vision for our country.

 I'd like to see what I can do to improve my state 

and my district as your middle class representative.

(We deserve truer hard-working, middle class representation!)

 I think as you read this website, you'll get a fairly good bead on me.

Depending on the issue, I am all of these:

Conservative, Moderate, Progressive,

and even Liberal.

I value Common Sense and Common Good most. 


Who I am, what I think, what I believe:

Honesty, Truth, Justice, Integrity, Values, Moral Compass, Manners.

Character Still Matters!

Government is lacking is innovation. New ideas. 

They operate much too slowly.

They are horrible stewards of taxpayer dollars.

If just one of my ideas improved our nation

it might serve as a propelling catalyst.

Oregon has very specific issues that demand immediate attention. 

Uppermost in my mind, as I contemplate a ballot measure initiative changing Grants Pass to Smoke Valley, I think it's imperative to improve the quality of life for the 7th largest congressional district in the nation. That includes, air quality, forest management, water rights, agriculture, farms, ranchers, hemp, traffic, recreation, crime, housing, homelessness, violence toward women, pay/jobs, addictions, etc... 

We must foster a NEW NORMAL!

While I may have my own opinions on all manner of topics, I do listen.

 I intend to serve as YOUR representative. What is it that YOU want? I am capable of asking for directions and changing my mind if the data or logic makes better sense to me than my own contrived biases. 

Thank you for reading my website.

Thank you for considering my candidacy.

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Thank you.

Bright Smiles,

Happy Hearts,



Steve William Laible, MBA

Captain, USAF (Ret)


2nd Congressional District


Children's Author

Stevie Tenderheart Books


Stevie Tenderheart Comic Strip

(First Draft Cartoons)


The Kodel Group, LLC



Founding Architect,

The Kodel Party vision for

America the Beautiful


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Oct 1st, 2019

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