The New Normal is Now

We are the “New Normal” ready to step-up and save our nation...walk with me. 

Riddle me this: What do you get when you fill Congress with aristocrats, billionaires, and lawyers?

  • Answer: Desecration of our founding fathers' ideals.
  • Secret Agendas. Self-serving monetary agendas. 
  • Modern Day Politicians do not belong in DC. 
  • Regular, normal, hard-working, middle class people do.


Grow U.S. Economy in massive dynamic ways while refocusing and shrinking the federal government by 2/3. Return powers and responsibilities of government back to all 50 states. Refresh government with common sense; seek true peace by ending world domination and police actions; and finally, regain control of our democracy, presence in the world, borders,  spending and wasteful ways, by putting America back in the hands of the (team) of people (not politicians). This is our true destiny.

America is broken. Respect has faded. Hostility is intensifying.  Inner cities and rural areas are being ignored.  Families are struggling daily. Healthcare and education are crippling US. National policies funding foreign governments (regimes, weapons, infrastructure, payola) using your tax dollars is bad policy and is the primary cause and effect of our demise. America decays while other nations we support remain hostile toward US. Let's fix this.  We are committed to improving the lives of every citizen. 


Alone, we accomplish nothing, remaining mired in bureaucracy, debt and a more tragic world. Collectively, we change the course of our nation! The direction, hearts and minds of the enlivened American spirit will give birth to a new nation, the one intended by our forefathers. I have a better vision.  We will build a more effective, efficient, safer nation for ourselves, our children and their children's children.  Our volunteer base is growing as citizens are finding their voices with a renewed sense of excitement, dignity & empowerment.

The Kodel Party platform will put 50 million Americans back to work.

In addition, all businesses, hospitals, employed  workers, homeowners, renters, and families, will benefit from our initiatives and innovations. Each will be free of tax burdens & have more control of this permanent daily disposable income. You will be the engine that fuels this economy bringing it back from the brink...

We will nationalize the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries if we must.

Our platform provides several alternatives to taxes which will provide continuing income streams to fully fund and sustain all State and Federal agencies.

Children as young as ten will be permitted to earn their own money, if parents choose to support this initiative. States will create these programs with parents. Whether it is picking strawberries, raking leaves, washing cars, dishes, or participation in "shadow" programs, etc., children will have the great opportunity to excel, build self-confidence, etc.  Kids will learn to save and spend.

A National Transactional Surcharge (NTS) will begin funding their retirement, which the Kodel Party is lowering to age 59.  Wages and hours for minors will be regulated by individual states. Children will learn the value of a dollar earned from their efforts at an early age. Children are eager to earn their own money. It builds character, a strong work ethic, pride, and a deep sense of responsibility. 

-- (It prepares them for life!)

We must begin teaching students (middle school and above) not only how to budget or balance a checkbook but how to interpret and improve their FICO scores once they begin using credit!!!

[This work ethic, was instilled in our K-Party presidential candidate, at age 10. It has served him well.]  It will serve your children well in equal measure.

When a population is gainfully employed it requires little or no social services. The burden to fund these services & assistance programs is lifted off the backs of taxpayers and governments alike.  While there will always be those who are unwilling to work, by choice, the hand-outs will stop coming from the government.

Not over night and not without providing you with real education and real opportunities. There is a shift coming with this administration that we hope you will support. ​​ And yes, we realize, we didn't get everything right. We embrace a fluid party vision. We are open to creating our platform with goals and objects that best serve the Middle Class. Period!


The Kodel Party Agenda

Working Draft

First things first: 

We will have the best, most majestic political mascot ever!

Americans are proud, hard-working, self-reliant pioneers. They want to work. They want to provide for their families. They want to be safe. They want to enjoy their retirements. They want the best healthcare a nation has to offer. 

Americans are generous. The American spirit lives in each of us.  

The Kodel Party vision wants to bring that spirit out in you again when we once shared common goals. We can blossom as a major 3rd party and a nation again. 

We are the majority after all.

Government must now step aside. With your support, we will make this possible. To accomplish this, we shall unite now and act now to end the decay and despair, hopelessness and eventual ruin of us and the U. S. 


THE KODEL PARTY (K) - Working Draft Agenda/Platform 

(Also See Brainstorming page.)


A.  America First serves our citizenry making us stronger as a nation.

B.  Common Sense Must Prevail in all matters foreign & domestic

C.  Implement new U. S. Treasury funding paradigm

D.  Abolish all taxes for citizens & businesses (probably should have led with this)

E.  Implement a National Transactional Surcharge (NTS) to replace taxes

F.  Redefine IRS mission (Collect revenue from States not Citizens)

G.  Redirect IRS to collect a National Transaction Surcharge from all 50 States

H.  Bring U. S. Corporations, now overseas, home again

I.  Reset all mortgage rates and lower principle for every homeowner 

J.  Create "SPIRIT BONDS" to help fund U. S. Treasury

K.  Establish National Rewards Credit Card to replace Social Security

L.  Your Idea Here: 

M.  Establish National Lottery to help fund U. S. Treasury; NASA; Disaster Relief

N.  Wall Street to take major role in funding U. S. Treasury

O.  America's Beacon: End Aggression. Leadership by Example 

P.  Your Idea Here: 

Q.  Become a Nation of Innovation

R.  Re-lick the United States Postal Service

S.  Reset Student Loan Balances to 7% of balance 

T.  FREE TUITION for all State Universities and Colleges through law/med school

U.  Free Medical School for all medical/dental students  

V.  Develop National Educational Community Payback Programs (NED) 

W.  Your Idea Here: 

X. Create Mortgage IRA (MIRA)  +  Create Rental IRA (RIRA) 

Y. Lower all mortgages on commercial properties 

Z. Your Idea Here:


Economic Terrorism


Economic Terrorism threatens America.  Congress is wholly out of touch with mainstream Americans, as is Wall Street. Both would benefit from a direct challenge of a third party candidate which “truly” represents the middle-class.  

We are the 30k Party. Let's STOP Pay to play. Congress has a major conflict of interest. Reelections are weighted too greatly on lobbyist & spending. Pork, earmarks & greed put our national security at grave risk; our economy in collapse; and our standard of living in peril. A critical ideology shift and empowerment of new K-Party leadership is required. Imperative & timely implementation of the (30k) party is now launched… 1.15.12 


Dateline Grants Pass, Oregon birthplace of the Kodel Party - 2016. A NEW political party vision putting middle class representation front and center. As a nation, we MUST STOP anointing Billionaires, Millionaires, Aristocrats, Bigots & Bullies or Conspiracy Theorists as our rulers! #DoNotAnoint

This nation was built on vision. It was designed and implemented with you in mind. The Bill of Rights, Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Articles & Amendments, ALL serve as the baseline authority on how to best govern Americans, conduct business & foreign affairs, & protect the people of this sovereign nation.

​​Many Congresses have turned their backs on these documents, both in spirit and deed. Their oaths have been breached. To gain favor, recognition and credibility, any revolutionary act must do so with responsibility to effect real and lasting change. Our forefathers had this responsibility and vision.

Our current leaders miss the mark by a mile.

A basic management principle: Span of Control. Congress and the entire federal government have grown much too large and is much too ineffective. Our cities are rotting with decay while Congress continues sending trillions (over the decades) to foreign regimes. Imagine how America would be had your hard earned tax dollars stayed home. With a smaller federal government, 2/3 less, more is possible with this nation. When dollars remain here, we can build, educate, train, feed, prepare and serve our citizens better. We certainly can't continue as we have. Elections are the tipping points in our history where we correct the direction of our country.

This upcoming election year, 2020, is just such an opportunity.   

What our forefathers so bravely crafted, Congress and many White Houses before have long ago traded away. These being, our basic, founding principles. These founding principles are no longer being applied to modern times.

They must be protected from self-serving lobbying agendas.

Whatever "Occupy" voices are now being echoed are just as quickly being choked out.  How you demonstrate your dissension and serve your protest is what matters.

The undercurrent of civil unrest is at hand. The middle-class is quickly becoming the underclass. Class warfare is on the precipice of an all out battle.

Civil War I, Civil War II

Better for calmer heads to prevail with thoughtful solutions and

reasoned minds over bloodshed & anarchy.

It’s truly time to restore America to all her greatness. Let the people stand now and be heard. Raise your hand. Speak. Let the people speak loudly and convincingly. Let other people hear you! Vote. Vote. Vote. You must...

The disapproval rating of Congress is around 93%. Can you imagine? You wouldn't tolerate that in our teachers, doctors, builders, so why do we allow this in OUR government?  Why do we continue voting incompetence into office for another term?  It isn’t going to improve without drastic, thoughtful leadership and innovation. The majority is us, you and I. The working-class, 30k party. We hold the power.

We are now “directly” responsible for America’s survival.
Please join me today.  VOTE!  Elect Kodel Party Candidates in all seats of power.