Don't be a Rock!

The Kodel Party endeavors to revamp the entire incarceration system from the ground up. The first premise is, there are BAD people in this world. There are also good people who exhibit BAD BEHAVIOR. There is a distinction to be made.

A system is broken beyond repair for anyone to have a rap sheet. Dozens of crimes or scores of pages listing hundreds of crimes simply means this person simply cannot conform to laws, a civilized society, and is making a choice to hurt people and themselves.  Make no mistake, it is a 'choice' to be broken. No one is born under a dark cloud. Every decision has a consequence, period.

We mustn't look at incarceration as an income stream. 

No "for profit' institutions will exist under a Kodel Administration. 

Only violent criminals will be housed. 

That housing WILL NOT be within our 'society' but outside of it


Equal Justice





The ONLY thing we must decide & implement in an innovative, civilized society and world power is how to deal with "bad behavior."

Only bad behavior, not fear, race, gender, religion, or any other contributing factors must get in the way.

ONLY BAD BEHAVIOR endangers those of us who are otherwise law abiding and peaceful.




Whenever anyone endangers your life, it's normal to take issue with that. 

Road rage because you were cut off (likely by mistake) doesn't not give you the right to release your unbridled aggression. Pump the brakes. Take a breath. Think before you act. It's a discipline. Don't escalate by making matters worse.

Drunken airline pilots, drug traffickers/addicts, speeding & dangerous road rage drivers, texting or 'smart' phone users  while driving (teens & adults),  burglars, thieves, extortionists, morally bankrupt and criminally corrupt cannot and do not set the agenda. 

Transients who endanger citizens & property, set fires,  leave trash, commit crimes, Do Not set the agenda. We, as a society, must step up and take action.  This is exactly why we must rebuild our mental health system with grace from the ground up. We must care for those who can't care for themselves. That's leadership!!! 

The money comes from ending wars, sending trillions of dollars to other countries, dictators, foreign regimes. We will stop that. We will invest in America the Beautiful.

It's also time, once and or all, to stop putting good people in prison or those who really aren't a threat to society. We will never arrest our way out of this bad behavior. On the other hand, those who suffer from mental illness or make the life changing choices to commit crimes must be removed from a civilized society.  This must be done as humanely as possible. It's not about locking people up and throwing away the key.  Mental illness/wellness care  treatments and management of these destabilizing and debilitating diseases must become a thriving priority in our society. As a loving and compassionate nation, we must care for  our broken  souls. It's really that simple.

Good cops are great!

--  Bad cops must be weeded out and reallocated to a better vocation. (Prison being one option.)

The stresses of their jobs, however, should leave no one sitting in judgment. Until you are spit upon, punched, disrespected, shot or otherwise infuriated by those individuals who would not be welcomed at your dinner table, let's begin to look at these men and women in uniform as the true American heroes they are.

Granted, law enforcement has some thinking they are judge, jury and sadly executioner. We must provide better training of our officers. Their job descriptions must be reinforced and dealt with before another life is lost.

I personally believe it boils down to R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Maybe not a simple solution but it's a step in the right direction. Even gangs know this. Respect must go both ways! Cops are NOT better than those they stop & question. Their sole job is to protect and serve. To resolve, defuse, deescalate, assess ... wait for it ... apprehend!

There is NEVER a valid reason for shooting & killing a man in the back who is fleeing.

Maybe cops need to hook boxing gloves (without thumbs) call them leather mittens if you will, to their utility belts. This will prevent an overt action by the 'suspect' grabbing and firing a gun. Or perhaps a net to shroud & tangle the 'suspect' especially those 14 year old girls who are slammed to the ground in a ill-conceived, macho take-down in a classroom or pavement as we've all seen on television. These actions must NEVER be condoned! But prosecuted.

It's ridiculous for anyone being questioned by police to start arguing or debating their point or challenging officers to a wrestling match. A take-down can and does have deadly results of innocent "dead right" victims. Maybe it's a cultural thing. Talking back to a theater screen is funny but talking back to authority is disrespectful & unwise.  Knock it off.  Show these men and women in blue the respect they deserve. Stop arguing or evading or otherwise putting yourself in peril. Go with the nice policeman and sort it out later.   

Is your grocery store clerk ready to step in front of a bullet for you? How about your accountant; banker; paperboy; mayor; trash collector; gas station attendant; doctor, dentist, house painter, plumber, veteran, etc.

The answer is yes, many would on instinct or impulse. But not on a daily, thoughtful basis. Every day a cop dons that uniform and even in plain clothes, they pledge their lives for total strangers as part of their job description.

We must fight against stereotyping or stereotypical behaviors or attitudes.

Not all cops are bad. Not all African-Americans are bad. Not all Muslims are bad.
Not all Mexicans are bad. Not all White people are bad. Do you understand this?



Innovate Equip Train

We will continue to innovate, equip, train and reward our protective forces as they put their lives on the line every single hour of every single shift. Think what that means for a moment. Men and women are willing to die for you!

That's pretty incredible. Their loyalty, patriotism and duty shall be admired and rewarded.

Hopefully and eventually, we can eliminate every law enforcement position on the planet. That is, once all the bad guys & dolls have been caught, given up or been reallocated to a space outside of our 'civilized' society. 

Until then, we will help our law enforcement professionals close the gap on crime by listening to them and enacting laws that help them do their jobs better, safer, kinder. And the issue isn't about banning weapons from citizens. However, we can set in place incredibly important legislation with respect to firearms & responsibilities for each owner. 

(Note: those are not the bad guys.) 

The consequences of using a weapon in the commission of a crime, is the general premise of our philosophy. Consequences of actions carry the weight, not the mere possession of...a gun!

The Kodel Party will put forth an Amendment that removes rights for citizens known to be a habitual detriment to society, law and order. We need a carrot and a stick to make this work. A provisional circumstance may restore said rights once rehabilitation and restitution are accomplished.

While our military forces are now held in the highest regard, with the gratitude of a grateful and free nation, so shall our domestic heroes. Until the day we no longer need police forces, or intelligence agencies, etc., we will support them with the highest priority this nation can offer.

Governors will undoubtedly show likewise support for their entire civil service legions of administrators and those who have sworn oaths to protect and serve.

Chicago wants us to believe that Black Lives Matter. Why then do they lead the nation in gun violence? Over 90 shooting deaths in ONE weekend alone with nearly 500 victims in same ONE weekend! That's a crisis! And deserves our attention and ACTION! Of course black lives matter so who is this directed at? The police? Whites? That's pretty misguided. How about this: A national call to order that ALL LIVES MATTER. Stop with the divisive segregation and attack the nut of it. 

Humankind must stop killing one another and continue evolving using good sense & common sense not brooding hostilities, territorial turf, drug or gang wars to resolve disputes or paybacks.

Education, enlightenment, ethics, opportunities must replace violence in our streets. We advance, improve, evolve as a species/society ONLY when more of us become engaged & enlightened through education-awareness-experience.
A gun is no more responsible for killing than a pencil is for misspelling a word!

A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple.

Baltimore you are being stereotyped. When a nation watches civil unrest in your city of course the logical conclusion is to paint every citizen as a punk. Be more productive! Show leadership! Mob mentality, Destruction, Social Disobedience has lasting, unintended, deadly, consequences. EVOLVE! Our children are watching. Looters, thugs & profiteers spit on the souls of the deceased and every child of color with your bad behavior! Redirect your frustration!​


Be The Good You Want to See in The World


Then don't do THAT!

NOT all Muslims are bad. Promise.

NOT all Americans or Cops or black guys or Mexicans are bad either. 

Use your brain. Your OWN intellect. Resist fear-mongering. Hear something,

investigate, research, get the facts as they truly are not purported by

some talking head.

Every race and culture has radicals, racists, extremist and yes, criminals. Don't paint (stereotype) with broad strokes. It only reveals intolerance/ignorance. Think Before you Act. Think Before you Speak. Think Before you Post/Share/Pin/Tweet. 

If you had an 'experience' with a cop or person of color let that alone rest there.

Use logic. Even if you see 10 bad cops on the nightly news NOT ALL COPS are bad. It's a horrible circumstance when we judge in absolutes.

So much is to be learned, enjoyed, savored, from sharing cultures.

"Together, with a little grace, we can make this world a better, kinder, safer place." 

                                               Steve William Laible

Good people exist all around you!  

You were a child once, become the good American you want to be.

Your children will emulate you.

Do it for Lady Liberty!