We owe our lives to senior citizens. If not for them, we would not be here.  Courageous veterans; homemakers; businesswoman; leaders; we are grateful and thankful for you! We (as a society) tend to discard old, outdated, worthless 'stuff' which no longer holds our interest. That's fine if it's a pair of shoes, a moldy, unidentified refrigerator occupant, etc. Referring to this class as, "Senior Citizens" does them a disservice and creates a terrible atmosphere of disassociation, that they are somehow, now, based on age, no longer relevant.  How tragic. Remember in school, when "senior" meant the beginning of your life, your independence, your freedom and discovery?  It's time we defrag (reset or reorganize) our mindsets.

We NEED a better, more descriptive word for our heroes:

Wisdom-Experienced-Legacy-Courage-Older Masters-Equinox-Deserving (WELCOMED)

Honored Welcomed Citizens (HWC) is a much more inviting (warm/affectionate) term as these are 'our' elders who deserve our utmost respect and admiration. How about we make their  GOLDEN  years grand!

So, how can we ensure our Honored Welcomed Citizens enjoy a life they deserve; a life they have earned? First and foremost, we will listen to them. Point by point, we will keep the agenda high on our list of priorities.

Honored Welcomed Citizens will not be a forgotten generation.
Rent control; prescriptions; eliminating ALL taxes, including property taxes, will enliven this first-class citizenry. Once our economic taxation initiatives are implemented, drug manufacturers will be able to reduce their operating costs and those savings will reduce your monthly script bills.

Another problem is isolation which can lead to loneliness--one of the greatest concerns of our Honored Welcomed Citizens. Having little money to live on, for many, their lives are restricted to living out their days in isolation and loneliness. We will foster programs to encourage and enhance community and the human desire of belonging.

Honored Welcomed Citizens will No Longer pay taxes of any kind. Property or otherwise! Their heirs will no longer pay inheritance taxes either. Honored Welcomed Citizens will also be exempt from the National Transactional Surcharge (NTS) for consumable purchases, namely food.

Whatever your fears, we will make it right!!!  

  •  You are not alone any longer...