While our country needs obvious direction, our youth need a new sense of direction as well. Many 'children' default to gangs for sheer survival, coercion or boredom. 

Others remain home behind locked doors as latch-key kids

their faces down, glued to video games. 

Kids need real leaders and genuine role models.

Much like the Peace Corps of the sixties, 

we need leadership in the streets steeped in desire and 

commitment to execute our vision with innovative ideas. 

One such program we will develop more fully is a “SHADOW” program 

where kids from an early age, can experience all areas of endeavor 

where they might want to live, grow and effect change in the world. 

Shadows will be afforded every opportunity to walk in the footprints

 of mentors casting their shadows.


We envision this as a lifelong experience and relationship

 that will be paid forward for many generations.

(Visit then click Philanthropy on the Stevie Tenderheart Books page for a fuller discussion of the candidate/author's vision for children of the world.) 

All roads lead to Camp Tenderheart.