The Arts


The arts must 

begin to flourish in this country again. 





 Children and young adults, put aside those consoles and joysticks and engage in the world at hand.  

Every child, or so it seems, 

has become an isolationist. 

Certainly there are those 

who endeavor, 

but I fear the masses do not.  

Every child should be encouraged to sing, dance, paint, write and perform to the music of their souls.


This is not the function of government necessarily, charged with funding the arts, so we must support it in every possible fashion. 

States must begin to encourage the arts with real passion and vigor. 

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A stimulated and prosperous nation will regain their appreciation in the arts, sharing it with each other.

 Once the burdens of past recessions have finally lifted, once the Kodel Party paradigm shift takes root, we shall all have time to smell the flower, walk the dance, lift the brush, light the screen, exit the stage with applause.    


Every home should be lit with art 

and music and sculptures, and horns and drums and bands. 

Let every theater 

dance and perform again. 



We need poets and screenwriters and painters and impressionists and bounds of other talent.

A country is only as rich as their love and appreciation of the arts. 

 Let the American people clamor for this amazing expression of freedom.