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Dark Horse


A Foolhardy Adventure

Running as a Self-funded, Dark Horse, Write-in Presidential Candidate in 2012 & 2016 receiving double digit votes!!



Steve enlisted in the USAF after high school and served several high level, special duty, joint service tours directly supporting 4-star flag officers (Admirals & Generals): Commander-in-Chief, Pacific (CINCPAC) at Camp H.M. Smith, Hawaii; the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) The Pentagon; and was the Chief of Administration for the United States Air Force Honor Guard (WASH DC) during the Reagan Administration. 

Outstanding Administrator Award


He received the personal recommendation from the Secretary of the Air Force to attend Officer Training School (OTS) where he received a direct commission to First Lieutenant after the Air Force Board of Correction of Military Records' decision going from Technical Sergeant to Captain selection in ten months (E-6 to 0-3). He was selected for early retirement (22 years) - Congressional mandated force reduction.   



911 Shelter Commander, 

Captain Steve William Laible and his

 First Sergeant Hall in Korea. 

Steve  also served as the Executive Officer to three base commanders under the Tactical Air Command (TAC) Air Division with multi-million dollar budgets supporting the only F-4G Phantom II (Wild Weasel) flying training operation in the world. He was appointed as the President, Parole/Clemency Board and served as project officer for dozens of campaigns, fundraising drives and special projects at the Pentagon and throughout his career. The Base Commander once wrote a permanent record evaluation and promotional recommendation, "Captain Laible is a crackerjack officer with those by name qualities, commander's seek." 

First District Record


First Track & Field Record & Medal

Steve grew up with childhood heroes, Steve Prefontaine and Dick Fosbury.

Back in the day, when boys were men, you jumped then landed in sawdust!

Seoul's Olympic Park


Last Track & Field Medals

(Age 40)




First Place Winner

Age 10 & 11

Scores beat every kid in the event including the 13 year old boys. 

Later, wearing his jacket to Michigan Avenue School, Steve was bullied and made to never wear his jacket again.

Steve was the new kid in town. 



Sponsored by S. F. 49ers

First Place winner two years straight.

Steve was prevented from participating a 3rd year so others could have a chance.

Medal of Honor


Armed Services Track Meet

*** Gold Medal Showing ***

~ Male Athlete of the Year ~

Winning over the Army, Navy and Marines. #MicDrop

Operations Support Squadron Section Commander, Captain Steve Laible qualified for USAF Olympic tryouts in Atlanta, GA  but was denied attendance by his commanders in Korea as War Games and imminent threats were present.  

The Mission ALWAYS comes first.

USAF Administrator of the Year


Holding a Top Secret Security Clearance throughout his illustrious 22-year career whenever warranted, he served as the Superintendent of Publishing & traveling HQ Staff Inspection team member for Headquarters 15th Air Force with thirteen bases under their command; as the Squadron Section Commander for a Civil Engineering Squadron with over 400 assigned personnel; as the first Squadron Section Commander on a 16-month remote tour of duty with the 8th Operations Support Squadron (Korea) supporting two F-16 fighter squadrons; Vandenberg AFB, CA, 1st Strategic Aerospace Division (1STRAD), Aerospace Support Squadron; McChord AFB, WA, Special Orders Chief, lauded & recognized by the Inspector General (IG) as best run Special Orders Section in the Military Airlift Command (MAC) in the previous 4+ years -- a model to follow.

Hi-Desert Warrior


He is a Distinguished Graduate and first runner-up for the Commandant's Leadership Award (enlisted leadership academy); nominated for the Twelve Outstanding Airman of the Year   Award; lauded by top Pentagon officials & selected as the 1987 USAF Outstanding Administrator of the Year, Senior Enlisted Division--worldwide competition; Group Mobility Officer marshaling troops and cargo in support of Operation Desert Shield/Storm; and while awarded the Bronze Star device (among 20+ medals, awards & citations, he chose instead to decline his medals as he was just doing his job). 

Dark Horse


A last minute effort to unseat Republican incumbent.




Steve lives by his integrity credo

 and shares it with his readership  (children ages 4-12) as doing the right thing even if no one is watching, is always the right thing.


First Draft Cartoons


Steve want to write about peace and love but his editor (Curtis Hayden)  wanted him to spice things up a bit.

Border Wall Conversations


Steve created and wrote the Stevie Tenderheart comic strip (First Draft Cartoons). It was published in two Southern Oregon newspapers. Readership: 200,000 (+/-). After five years, Steve ended the strip to write children's books. Those panels were just too confining.



Steve served two years as the Chief of Administration for the USAF Honor Guard in Washing DC during the Reagan Administration.



Steve was given two USAF nicknames by his peers during his 22 year career. Enlisted: Rooke 

Officer: Ghost



Your gift helps send Stevie Tenderheart books and dolls to Children's Hospitals.

Donate Today if you can.


Laible Street


"When you come to a crossroads


Yogi Berra

Royal Mail


Stevie Tenderheart Books 

have a global reach.

Nearly 4M Facebook 

engagements and counting. 

"The neat thing about the internet is your tipping point can come as early as overnight."

Steve William Laible

Celebrated Children's Author

Proud Mom


Steve earned four degrees in his off-duty time (nights/weekends) as duty schedules permitted, over a 12 year period, earning his MBA (Management) from Golden Gate University (S.F. CA); 

B.S. (Business) Hawaii Pacific University & two Associate Degrees from Allan Hancock College (Santa Maria, CA) & Pierce College (Tacoma, WA). 

While at George AFB, CA as the Civil Engineering Squadron  Section Commander, Captain Laible was nominated for a White House Fellowship during the Bush Administration to be effective during the Clinton Administration. 

Now THAT'S a Big Brother


A 7-time audition semi-finalist for CBS programs Survivor and Big Brother.

Clint Walker


Cheyenne Bodie another cowboy hero Steve had growing up. 

When Steve was 5 or 6

he met Walt Disney.

(He writes about it in the Foreword 

of his children's book.)

When Steve was in high school

he got the autograph of Senator Robert F. Kennedy

only days before his assassination.

Childhood heroes shape a kid.

The Doors


I answered a classified ad for a 1978 Mercedes 450SL and drove from my USAF base in the high desert to meet the owner. Only then did I learn it was Robby Krieger of the Doors.  After purchasing the car, driving down Mulholland Drive in Beverly Hills,, California, the passenger door flew open as Riders on the Storm played on the radio. #Eerie

Robby later invited me to the set where they were making The Doors movie, staring Val Kilmer and Meg Ryan. I was love at first sight. 

Oh the things you see in 12 hours on set.




Having Jay Leno and Cher

 performing in Las Vegas 

at the same time,

 Steve had to make a choice!



Having met Mr. Depp in Grants Pass during the filming of his black & white feature, Dead Man, he suggested Steve audition for a minor extra role. 

He did.

 Steve was rejected as not looking 

Mt. Man enough.

Good Grief!

Bedtime Stories


He is currently the publisher of the Kodel Group, LLC; owner of Kodel Apparel  and creator of First Draft Cartoons where his  Stevie Tenderheart comic strip was first published (2005) in the Daily Courier newspaper and then picked up by the Sneak Preview running for five years; author of the Stevie Tenderheart children's bedtime storybooks in print, eBook and Audio books on, and iTunes. 

First Draft Cartoons


Seattle Seahawks


During his tour at McChord AFB, WA, Steve attended many University of Washington Saturday football games. This was a golden time. The NFL had just given Seattle an expansion team. Jimmy Zorn was the QB. 

Years later, Steve reached out to then Coach Zorn offering his services.

 At 6' 5" 290lbs, 

Steve was ready to walk-on if the team didn't shape up.

At 40 years old,

 it would have made a statement!




While serving at the Pentagon with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Steve was the US Savings Bonds Project Officer. Here he meets with Cheers star, Shelley Long.


First Draft Cartoons


Stevie Tenderheart Books


Stevie Dolls


Stevie Tenderheart Books




Enriching Lives



First Draft Cartoons


Stevie Tenderheart Books


Looking for sweet books for the children in your life? Stevie Tenderheart books in print, eBooks and audio books on Amazon, iTunes & Audible.

Charity Fundraiser - Cooper Home


Jennifer Savidge & Lt. Laible



First Draft Cartoons


Doug McClure


The Virginian's Trampas was a childhood idol. Lucky to have met and played tennis for charity with him before his passing. (Roy Rogers & Dale Evans' Cooper Home) 


Charity Tennis Tourney


Robert Pine, Lt Laible, Jennifer Savidge & Lucy from General Hospital, Lynn Herring

Roy Rogers - Dale Evans Charity


Robert Pine, Lieutenant Laible

The Man with a Plan


David, Steve, Jeffrey

Be the Good


Stevie Tenderheart Books


 Looking for sweet books for the children in your life? Stevie Tenderheart books in print, eBooks and audio books on Amazon, iTunes & Audible. 

Wimbledon Champion


Almost Done



Reno Rooke


Book Signing


Candidate's Message


The Kodel Party has a vision for you, 

our country and your family.

This is the path you will want to follow for truer middle class representation. We need you. The country needs you. The future needs you.  #WinUSBack

We are dedicated to improving our communities by creating an environment of hope, action and unity as never seen before in American politics. We promise to work tirelessly to improve conditions in our nation, one neighborhood at a time, and affect positive changes in the world around us, without war, aggression, nonsense, or wasting your money on pet projects or funding other nations.

We affirm the importance of working together to find real solutions. Meaningful solutions for you & your family today, not ten years from now. Please take your time in reviewing every page of our platform. We do not have all the answers but we do have some. We will need your help in better defining the country we all want & deserve.

K-Party citizens will operate lawfully and respectfully in all matters, at all times--that's how you build credibility and favor. We will not profit from our endeavors. We believe in fairness for all. We will not waiver in our conviction to create a better nation for all citizens, especially our children, and their children...

Signed this 1st day of January, 2012

Steve William Laible, MBA
2012, 2016 Dark Horse, Write-in Presidential Candidate (K-OR)
Captain, USAF (Ret.)

Founding Architect
The Kodel Party



We are ALL now 'directly' responsible for America’s survival.

Steve William Laible


Founding Architect
The Kodel Party

Steve William Laible, MBA

Retired from the USAF on 

New Year's Eve 1993 after a distinguished 22-year career as both enlisted & officer (mustang) 

retiring as a captain.

Born  in Ashland, Oregon, raised in Klamath Falls, Burns, Pismo Beach, CA, Coos Bay, Oregon
graduating from Marshfield  High  
(Go Pirates!)
before enlisting in the United States Air Force. 

Historical Archive

2012 Canidate's Message

A new America is on the horizon. The Kodel Party needs you and your sphere of influence to effect real change for working class Americans and our country as a whole. You cannot be complacent in this effort. Please step up and help us create a new party for a new America! A presidential campaign does not have to cost (waste) $100 million. That money is better spent on our citizens and programs. I garnered presidential votes in 2012 without spending a dime. It's not easy, but doable. For 2016, I am writing to most newspaper editors asking for them to profile our movement. So let's make some news...I am using social media (Twitter: @KodelParty) to draw attention to this fresh, new political party which truly represents you, your children and their children. I don't want to simply shift the paradigm, I want to break the mold and reinvent the way this country behaves.

Edward Snowden is taking the heat for divulging the sneaky practices our government is engaged in. He fed the Press the ugly transgressions. He did not sell America's secrets. Instead of calling him a traitor, how about assessing the blame squarely where it belongs--on those agencies who actually devised and implemented those practices which are so far outside the scope of our Constitution. Where's the outrage? Those in government are of course deflecting the outrage away from themselves. How much courage do you think it took our founding fathers to put their lives on the line and meet in secrecy to form a better government?  Yes, American spy agencies have been embarrassed, humiliated even with foreign leaders. The pure design of our three branches of government is precisely for these checks and balances. Our federal government works for US!  Somehow that message is lost on them. Let's change that.

Anyone who rocks the status quo is going to meet with resistance.  There are very powerful and dangerous people behind the scenes, make no mistake about that. They do not like it when someone shines a light. Bottom line:     American people deserve to be represented by leaders with extreme integrity and true leadership.  I will support any and all agencies charged with protecting our citizens and homeland. You never win if  you play by the rules and your terrorists don't. You hear it all the time, this is not who we are. Maybe we ought to be saying, this is not who we were. It's a damn dangerous world because of differing ideologies. I will not hamstring those who must collect data and implement first strikes. While I truly want to end aggression I also want to stop funding foreign regimes. I'd rather put that money to work on our forces.

Career politicians have lost their focus in managing our country. They just don't get it. They are very good at building roadblocks and over regulating.  They stifle businesses; default to taxes as the sole means to raise money for the country; they are not innovating anymore; they jockey and position their agendas based on egos and power.  Collectively they plod along lacking any leadership whatsoever. American citizens have lost their faith in them.  As a nation, we've lost the respect of the world.

The time has come for extraordinarily average Americans to step up and take their rightful place in all seats of government. As the majority we need policies rooted in common sense. It's really that simple.  We need to fire our elected officials at all levels of federal government.  We need a new team. Team Kodel. We have so many decent, hardworking Americans with outstanding families who deserve a life of peace and prosperity, fun and joy. Our federal government must never lose sight of this.

This is my vision for America the Beautiful.  Are you content with how our federal government conducts business; represents its citizens; wastes money (See Wastebook page); neglects issues facing most Americans; uses taxpayers' money (your money) to advance agendas and support foreign regimes, or otherwise misbehaves, individually, and as a collective body of Senators and Congressmen? You get that you are empowered to fix this right?  Use Your Election Pencil!

Vote out this tired representation and fill those seats with Kodel Party ideals. Our Congress has been running our country into the ground and nearly over cliffs for decades and look where we are! In decay, teetering on collapse, world police, terrorism threats on the rise (because of our national policies to inject the USA in ever country that benefits U.S., the middle class is devolving; the lower class is growing social services budgets. China is a major (primary) U.S. stakeholder; aid to foreign regimes are increasing and never ending. We simply can't continue to spend billions (if not trillions) of US tax dollars on other countries. This is NOT in our best interest. Perhaps its time to change the culture of who actually represents America the Beautiful. People like me, like you.

Let's start with a clean slate and create the nation we want.

I have a vision for America. One I'd like to share. One I'd like to implement. One that improves every American's life; every city, every business, including Wall Street. One that limits 'unnecessary' regulations and lifts the burdens on businesses, bringing U.S. companies back home, creating jobs, and giving everyone full benefit of their hard work and innovation by permitting them to keep all of their money.  (No taxes.)

I will end ALL TAXES!  I will create an economic engine that will sustain the U.S. for centuries. I will end sending trillions of dollars overseas. I will bring back American companies and get you a job. Tax revenue is NOT effectively managed ergo waste.
Governments need to be smarter--more innovative--and stop taxing their citizens to resolve their debt issues. Government can and must do it better. It's called LEADERSHIP.  We can break the mold.  (See Brainstorming page.)

The Kodel Party will create new funding paradigms for governments, citizens, social services programs, the arts, infrastructure projects, education, healthcare, etc., by being wholly responsible to Americans. How are we different? We want to build this party from the ground up using citizens not politicians. We want to stand up and knock down all the roadblocks keeping America the Beautiful from being realized. So what's a regular citizen like me to do? I created this website. Using the pages here, I expose my vision for a new America, expressing personal opinions and offering innovative ideas and solutions, hoping to generate interest for a true common sense platform thereby creating a new credible political party.


Who do I think I am trying to draw up a new blueprint for America?  What are my qualifications? When asked, "Why are you doing this?" I respond with, "Why aren't you?"   Slightly ambitious or a fool's errant? Having received write-in votes in the 2012 presidential election inspires me. I have not formally filed for a minority party status as this endeavor is exploratory in nature. I certainly can't do this alone. But if enough people share my views, opinions, vision, then Team Kodel will make the Kodel Party official.  Despite these great odds, I am fortunate to live in a country where expressing my views is possible. Attracting like-minded people strengthens my resolve and improves my odds on many levels to affect real change in the country I love.

I believe my greatest challenge is voter apathy. Governing is slow and boring. It's a long, drawn-out process which yields few meaningful outcomes for the average American. The government should not be a barrier to its citizens or businesses. It's not, or shouldn't be, U.S. against them.   I need your help. I want your help.

As you read my meanderings (not ramblings, but rather thoughtful expressions) throughout this site, if you feel drawn to my vision, a link to our like-mindedness, then we shall surely indeed create a synergy which propels The Kodel Party into a driving force in American Politics. Consider yourself a Founding Member.

Small businesses and corporate America are highly over-regulated, some would say strangled. The IRS code extends beyond 17,000 pages alone. How stupid is that. The tax code strung together can reach Mars! The Affordable Healthcare act is likely going to cripple businesses, pun intended, as written. Relatively few people are ever called to government service let alone engage in the process. Most communities are lucky if they have a 50% voter turnout on any given election. The Kodel Party aims to improve that. When people feel they matter, they will step up. When people feel they have a voice, they will vote. Everyone wants to be heard... At some point, we have all been disappointed with some level of government. For a variety of reasons, many have been pushed to the point of apathy. How do we spark interest or engage voters, or put forth new ideas? Creating a new politically party isn't insurmountable. So how do we overcome voter apathy? How do we, as a new party, inspire voters?

First, I think we have to build a workable platform that makes sense. One inclusive of more Americans in all areas of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I am wholly responsible for creating this website and brainstorming my own ideas for others to either embrace, refine, or discard. I certainly didn't get it all right and I do and can change my mind on issues if enlightened. I encourage you to help me create the Kodel Party.  "I like doing the impossible."   Walt Disney (I met Mr. Disney when I was 5 & I  write about it in my children's books.)  I also met RFK when I was in high school and got his autograph just prior to his assassination.

Somewhere along the way America got lost. Our stewards have been sidetracked by special interests groups, hidden agendas, corruption, misinterpretations and blurred lines of the very ideas of freedom and democracy. We have strayed so far away from our founding premise, ideals, values and goals it's time to focus on a clearer direction and vision for America. As we evolve as a nation over the next 250 years, it's good to be insightful, flexible and progressive. Not every decision our government makes is practical and has obvious distractions and dissidents. That shouldn't stop us.  If not now, when?

As the founding architect of the Kodel Party, I am nothing more than a placeholder. This has less to do with me and everything to do with you, your children, family, friends, and perhaps most importantly, your legacy as a founding member of a new political party. How exciting is that? Help me reinvent, reshape and energize America as a true model of leadership, integrity and innovation for centuries to come.  Overcoming the political machine isn't easy, but technology is advancing the conversation as never before and accelerating change as never before.  Tapping into social media can effectively change the world.  

Much of America is broken. At the very least, we need to stop letting others decide for US.  It's time we step up and take responsibility ourselves. My ambition is not to actually become your leader. I'm not an idiot!  I am only planting the seeds of change. I may not be qualified but some of my ideas could be. I am using this platform to see if I can generate a legitimate, centralized social outcry of discontentment.  My initial goal is to collectively foster a grassroots movement to give middle class Americans a real voice in government. My ultimate goal of course, is having my face on the new $15 bill.

If my vision is also your vision, please engage. This will force change by default by creating a more effective, more efficient working party, hence, government, because we the people did more than vote for incumbents or the status quo, we actually stood-up and took back our country.  It's my thesis that frustration is the catalyst to change. A collective frustration can create a new credible party which actually represents the working class, improving life for every day Americans and their families.   

Imagine if the Kodel Party gained millions of followers on Twitter; millions of "likes" on Facebook; and millions of votes. Those in Washington DC and I dare say, the world, would then have to listen.  Being taken seriously must be earned by being credible, brave, bold and innovative. One voice will never capture the ears of leadership or the wings of change. So please review 'our' party's platform and vision for a better America and help us regain our country.

Invest a little time to change the world.

Truth be told, I'd prefer being known as the (behind the scenes) architect of a new political party rather than the actual leader of the party. (I'm actually quite shy and would only stumble, stammer and mumble incoherently in front of microphones, let alone television cameras.) I am MUCH BETTER behind the scenes penning my ideas on paper, just like Thomas Jefferson.  Besides, a term or two in office only lasts a moment, whereas an idea, a vision, can last beyond many lifetimes, affecting untold generations of souls, more than can be imagined. This is the essence of changing the stars...

I too have a dream. I believe in America and its core goodness to help one another and mankind. I believe in a strong America. The American spirit is alive, it just needs to blossom again. I believe giving people of this country a true voice and the true decision making responsibilities and abilities to control their lives will accomplish this. I believe in my vision which represents a new America where real people live, work, play and prosper.

Accelerate our efforts. Use Social Media and Networking loudly.