Chronic trade deficits have been permitted to exist for decades by past administrations and Congresses.

China seems to lack honor and integrity in conducting their political, economic and business affairs. (Plastic granules in dry baby formula; lead in paint (children's toys) and more.] Daily Human Rights' hacking, stealing intellectual property from U.S. businesses and so much more....

We have China precisely where we want them—leveraged! They hold some $5 trillion of our debt. So, for every act of government sanctioned computer hacking (treasonous in nature and principle, especially since they "own" the USA debt) we will reduce our debt to them with a write-off of $10M.

For every human rights’ violation taking place in these "modern" times of the world, we will subtract another

$10M and so on.

We ought to have this debt completely zeroed by  2020.

It’s time to step-up.

Stop the rhetoric and step-up. It’s time to stop the fighting—amongst ourselves and with other nations.

PEACE and ECONOMIC stability are attainable. They can co-exist.

Politics is a bad hand to play. It makes us weak. Balanced and Fair Trade Practices are a cornerstone K-Party policy. A world economy must place win-win trade policies in place. Imports and Exports will never become equal but they can be better balanced. Unions can play a key role in achieving fair trade by supporting a Kodel Party White House & Congress. Walmart imports more products from China than all the grains of sands from every shoreline. U.S.-Japan automobile and light truck deficit is approaching $100 billion. Plants being built in the USA by foreign automakers are moving the needle

but more needs to be done...

The U.S. trade deficit widened in November for the first time in five months.Exports fell for the second straight month while imports rose to an all-time high...The Commerce Department says the deficit increased 10.4 percent to $47.8 billion, the highest level since June. Exports dropped 0.9 in November to $177.8 billion...Fewer shipments of autos and capital goods, such as aircraft and machinery, were the key reason. Imports rose 1.3 percent to a record $225.6 billion. Here's the rub, a decline in exports weakens U.S. growth!

American businesses need access in other economies as they would enjoy ours. It's one thing if demand drops and quite another when countries don't permit our exports. Those policies will change!

Line by line, every trade deficit will be evaluated & balanced.  

This will be addressed.

Please refer to the NTS discussion for a foundation on the National Transaction  Surcharge standard. Purchases made across state lines, will earn that state a 7% surcharge. This will foster true competition while enticing consumers to buy local, or at the very least, within their state, as the NTS doubles for inter-state commerce. In those cases where purchases are made out of state, across state lines, a transaction revenue income stream of equal measure will be used to fund sister states and will be applied on all sales.

A National Transaction Surcharge (NTS) will replace all taxes. Purchases originating within the United States to any location outside the United States, will incur a 14% transaction surcharge. (14 cents on the dollar) The resident state treasury will retain the entire surcharge. (Unless a RARC or TWAS card is used. See Brainstorming page, Items 1 & 11 -- Spirit Bonds & New Generation IRA.) Consumers will have greater buying power and be in complete control of their dollars. NTS will replace all current sales taxes, excise taxes, income taxes, and those taxes you find on your telephone bills, gasoline purchases, tires, etc.

For example, consumers living in or visiting Oregon who place a catalog or internet order to California will pay a 14% total surcharge, 7% for Oregon and 7% for crossing the border into California. Or $14 per $100 spent. The state treasuries each benefit with this policy.

That same customer residing in Oregon but making a purchase in Germany, Japan or elsewhere, will pay the entire 14% surcharge to the State of Oregon. Other nations will not benefit from the NTS.

Given that citizens no longer have any tax liability whatsoever, they will exercise complete control over their wages, income, salaries, MONEY! 


Under our National Transaction Surcharge (NTS) plan, every American will have more permanent disposable income  Their paychecks will be full, having earned their entire salary or wage.

(Tax liabilities no longer exist.)

More importantly, millions more will have an income, for the first time in a long time, because of the tens of millions of new job opportunities created.

With a fully employed nation, with all people having more disposable income the demand for goods and services, housing, entertainment, recreation, electronics, apparel, travel, dining, etc., will increase, having a positive synergistic and exponential effect on our local communities, the national economy and the world-at-large.

Every seller will be competing for your business. You will have the power to bring prices down.

Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.