Taking the Bull by the Horns

Wall Street will take the lead in funding the Federal Government.

[See New Funding Paradigm page.]

The Kodel Party has a better way.

Wall Street will take the lead in funding the US Treasury. States will set the federal government budget!

NTS will apply to all manner of commerce for goods and services. Every single trade, every second, every day, all 5-6 trillion/billion/million shares/trades. The U.S. Treasury, state and local governments will all benefit without income or property taxes, which really do stifle local economies, progress and innovation. NTS funds small businesses too. The NTS also funds Social Security, your IRAs, Healthcare, Education, National Disasters, while also creating 50+ million new jobs and sustaining them while attaining peace.)

It's about time someone designed a better formula than 'taxes.' 

You're Welcome.

By electing Kodel Party candidates in future elections...who share our vision, we can take our country in the direction she's meant to be heading. Our mission is to infiltrate Congress and the White House and actually get some work done. Imagine that. We must pivot now before our country fails on all fronts.

You, small businesses, corporations and government agencies (city, county, state & federal) will all benefit under our restructuring initiatives.

All taxes will be abolished & replaced with a Kodel Party White House/Congress implementing NTS instead. At all levels of commerce, a consumption surcharge will simplify and empower finance.

ALL tax exemptions, deductions, loopholes, tax shelters, codes, forms, etc., will be eliminated. Offshore accounts will become unnecessary moving trillions of dollars back into our economy. There will no longer be a need to itemize, amortize, defer losses, take write-offs, etc.  The IRS will be re-purposed.

A company, or sole proprietor, will simply collect a 'proposed' (for this argument's sake) a 7% National Transaction Surcharge (NTS) on all sales for goods and services.

In the final analysis, maybe it's lower or higher.

Regardless, even paying a dime surcharge for every dollar you spend takes the government out of your pocket whether you spend money or not.

NTS gives you 100% control over your money and discretionary spending.

A straightforward National Transaction Surcharge (NTS) will be applied on sales/purchases.

This will be the national standard.

This will capture some 200+ million US consumers and untold millions more foreign consumers who buy, rent or lease goods and services, real estate, vehicles, land, stocks, etc., within our borders and territories who have not otherwise been directly engaged in funding our nation through income taxes.

Billions of dollars will be saved from the IRS making fraudulent refunds.

Trillions more will be saved as social programs are eventually defunded

in the coming decades as we shift this new funding paradigm when more individual responsibility is taken and shifted away from the government.

Never again will your taxes rise.

Your property taxes will also cease thereby saving you 30 years of having to pay taxes after your initial purchase, giving you more monthly disposable income to do as you wish, likely putting it back into the economy, but also eliminating the threat of losing your home due to back taxes.  

From children who buy bubble gum and candy bars to teens & preteens who must see Twilight or Frozen a dozen times, to tax dodgers and street dwellers who buy their wine & smokes but never pay taxes, to those undocumented and foreign tourists, and every person in-between.  Corporations can actually lower prices because of this free market trade and no longer have a tax liability.

This NTS puts the consumer in total control giving them immense buying power. One National Standard Surcharge. One! One for everyone. No one is exempt.

Everyone will participate NTS.

Yes, even children. It's the right thing to do...

So if you complain about this, bellyache or throw a hissy fit,

you align yourself with whiners who just like to hear themselves

take the negative side of any issue.

The point here is to resist & reset your mindset.

We are seeking better solutions than those which currently exist.

If you have a better idea, present it. 

We will listen.

But be productive in your speech or you will not gain favor or be engaged in an intelligent debate.

Noise is just noise...
Appeal to your common senses.

We are putting you in control of your own money!

How you spend it is up to you.
To repeat: All 'taxes' as you know them will be eliminated!

This includes: income, payroll, inheritance, capital gains, excise (sales), property, etc.

The IRS will no longer have any power over private citizens.

The tax code will be burned in symbolic community bonfires throughout the country on April 15, 2020.

The IRS will be redirected away from private citizens and re-tasked to collect from States and states alone. State auditors and the IRS will monitor businesses and corporations on their transaction totals and NTS collections based on wholesale purchases, inventory and receipts.

We will END all of those added fees found on your utility, cellphone, bills, etc.

Which do you think is most cost effective:

To manage and administer to 50 States or 300+ million American citizens?

NY State has 14,000 state agencies!

Do you think that's a problem? I think it's absurd!

Ever calculate how many state and federal agencies their are?

They even have agencies watch-dogging other agencies and so on and so on...

How many does your state have?

The framers never imagined in their wildest dreams just

how big and how out of control government would get.

The Kodel Party is going to fix that.

CAL THOMAS (Syndicated columnist) wrote an interesting article some years back.

"States leak funds from federal pipeline."

According to the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) Washington state is planning to put a tax-increase proposal on the ballet in March, while California voters are likely to vote in November on raising taxes.

California is a certifiably insolvent state.

It is in deep debt because Democratic politicians won't stop spending, not because taxpayers aren't paying their "fair share"...The federal government spends $40 billion a year on highway construction but does not track how many projects are over budget, how much goes toward overruns or whether the record is getting better or worse...Water main breaks...according to NTU, hundreds of times a year around the country, ....What could be done to save money when it comes to broken water mains? Corrosion is the main cause of the breaks due to old metallic pipes. NTU estimates the broken pipes are a $50.7 billion drain on the economy. Read all about it at www.ntu.org Governments should be regularly audited by outside auditors. Their sole interest should be saving taxpayers money.

Any program or agency that wastes money ought to be updated or eliminated. If taxpayers don't force big government at the state and federal levels to go on a diet, the bloating will only continue to be the detriment of our economic health."  

           Cal Thomas, Email: tmseditors@tribune.com (Buffalo, NY).

So, as you can see, we really do need your help. Our Kodel Party Platform is the best bet for your buck. Your money is better spent on a new model.

It's time to bring that number down at every level of government.
The operational costs alone will save trillions over decades!

The IRS scale of operations (and budget) for the current 150+ million taxpayers will be greatly diminished. The loss of uncollected revenue will be plugged. States will pay, every time!

IRS audits and tax cheats will evaporate.

Shifting the focus to the 50 States and those businesses within those states will keep the IRS & accountants plenty busy enough. But the process will be streamlined. Businesses will no longer have to pay income taxes, payroll taxes, and likewise, they won't need to find tax breaks, exemptions, write-offs, etc. Businesses will simply be accountable for collecting and paying the state the NTS.

States will use the revenue to operate their domains and portion an amount to
the federal government so they can operate our national interests.

The federal government will shrink by 3/5 as their span of control is transferred to states.

The federal government will be forced to focus on national security issues;

FDA, water, transportation, airspace, border gateways, defense of our homeland, etc. 

A National Transaction Surcharge (NTS) will be incurred on every executed stock transaction at 7% (7 cents per dollar) based on the settlement amount. This includes every share traded, IPOs, acquisitions, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), options, currency trades, crypto, commodities, etc., and is applied for every exchange in the world, where American Traders or American companies or their subsidiaries and affiliates live, trade or conduct business.

This surcharge is applied to the buyer and the seller of a stock shared equally at 7% each, or a total of 14% per trade. (.14 cents per dollar combined)

Foreign traders of American stocks/ETFs, etc, will pay 15% NTS (or .15 cents on the dollar) with 13 going to the U.S. Treasury and 2% going to the company being traded. (ETF/Mutual Funds, etc., where no individual company is traded, as these are groups of corporations, all 15% NTS will go to the U.S. Treasury.)

(And before you traders balk, remember you are no longer paying taxes anymore. No income taxes, property taxes, capital gains, or IRS filings, etc.) You're welcome.

This is how you do your part in helping repair the greatest country ever founded. Your actions will help restore America in all her glory and rebuild faith with her people on Mainstreet. (And yes, we recognize many traders live on Mainstreet too.) But no one is exempt from the National Transaction Surcharge. It's just the cost of doing business.

Guy buys GE and Pete sells some GE. Each pays their 7% NTS. This 14% is allocated as follows: 5% NTS will go to their states of residence; 2% will go to the company being traded (GE)*; and the final 2% will be sent to the Federal Government. All funds will be disbursed daily. When these traders buy Mutual Funds/ETFs, 5% goes to the trader's respective states and 4% to the U.S. Treasury.

*Two percent (2%) of the NTS will be returned to those companies whose stock is being traded, optioned, etc. This will provide companies with an untaxed revenue stream which will allow them to help sustain their business, fund & expand their business and  CREATE JOBS!! (Also funded on a daily basis, at execution.)

The Kodel Party will fix, heal, & jump start, this economy once and for all. We will foster expansion (because it creates more jobs and sustains them) and being free and clear of any tax implications, companies will be able to lower prices as they innovate & develop.

Billions of shares are traded weekly. This volume will likely increase as there will no longer be income or capital gains implications. Traders will be free to buy and sell at will with no fear of taxes or how much they make, (capital gains). This initiative will bring great prosperity to America.

This is what "outside the box" thinking looks like!

Businesses and Corporations will no longer pay taxes, payroll or income, property, etc. [This is a tough concept to comprehend for most, as this is all we've ever known.] Paying zero taxes, puts trillions of dollars back into American workers' wallets. Which is a much better (safer) place to be, as it also lifts the weight off the backs of taxpayers, which has been too heavy a burden to carry.  Re-directing, managing and administrating the bureaucracy of the IRS is long, long over due.

The (IRS and Businesses) will operate more efficiently. (See IRS discussion) Businesses will create jobs for millions of Americans and lower production costs will be the net affect on products, as there will be no near-term reason to raise salaries as workers will have more income as a result of no longer having a tax burden on them or for the company who hires them. (If a worker earns, $30,000, their take-home pay will be $30k. (Ergo, the 30k Party.) This will hold down inflation, and it will certainly make fire-scorching recession dragons a thing of the past. Adding more jobs will only generate an even greater demand for goods and services and here we go again, add even MORE JOBS!

This is a self-sustaining employment model.

See Commerce discussion.

Businesses and Corporations will be required to pay the standard National Transaction Surcharge (7%) for all components of their business/products, services, etc. If a company operates in various states, this NTS will be applied in the state placing the order. If orders cross state lines, If components are purchased from overseas vendors, a 2nd 7% NTS applies and paid to the state where orders are drop-shipped for final manufacturing or assembly. (We want to encourage doing business with USA vendors.)


Corporations are traditionally quite philanthropic. While it serves their branding agendas, they nonetheless give hundreds of millions of dollars to several worthwhile organizations, communities and hospitals annually. This will only increase as there will no longer be any tax implications, thereby benefiting communities and organizations even greater.  Kroger Family of Stores donates some $13 million a month! Over $200 million per year. Corporate America does more for America than the average American realizes...

Other GREAT EXAMPLES of CORPORATE PHILANTHROPY is TARGET STORES and Valero Oil. Target is on track to donate $1 BILLION by 2015 to schools, K-12 so children can be better prepared for college. Valero Oil a PGA sponsor of the Texas Open has donated over $100 million to children's charities/hospitals.

It is my extreme belief, if we truly partner with corporate America, and eliminate their taxes, they will return manufacturing to America, and will give back in ways that will be generous, competitive and unmatched to research, scholarships, and thousands of yet to be created opportunities, projects and programs. Corporate America will build a stronger America.



US Companies returning to their homeland, will forever be exempt from all taxes! They will be free to earn whatever capital they can amass. This will create jobs!

They will only be subject to the National Transaction Surcharge of 7%. (They will pay a 7% surcharge on every component transaction needed to conduct business (wholesale, retail, services industry, etc.) and companies will collect a 7% national transaction surcharge from consumers if selling directly to the public, via the Internet, mail order sales, telemarketing sales, retail, and wholesale, etc.)

National Transaction Surcharge (NTS) will be collected in those individual states where business is conducted, home-based, order fulfillment, etc., and put on deposit with the IRS on a daily basis.

American businesses will generate millions of jobs and push this country far beyond economic recovery. Foreign businesses will also be exempt from all taxes if they choose to relocate to the USA and hire U.S. citizens. Any merger, IPO or acquisition will incur the NTS based on the executed contract price and added value, including all shares, options, cash, buildings, equipment, assets, etc.

As most U.S. Corporations claim Delaware as their corporate State of Record of incorporation, Delaware could likely become the richest nation in the world! Of course, after NTS implementation, all states will benefit equally, as there will no longer be a tax advantage to incorporate solely in Delaware.

Unknown amounts of currency is being held/hidden abroad strictly to avoid taxation. With the U.S. Government no longer a country with income tax or any taxes whatsoever, the secret stashes in the Cayman Island, Swiss bank accounts,  etc., will return to the USA and help her prosper. U.S. Banks will have increased balance sheets and be able to loan without borrowing or ever again be the willing or unwilling participates of TARP.

Adopting this new paradigm will go along ways to bridge the gap of hostility and anger currently present between Wall Street and Mainstreet. Occupy Wall Street can fold their tents & find a job.



A fair and reasonable system is what is needed to promote the common good.

States will collaborate and share successful paradigms. States, churches and other organizations will be empowered to solve those social ills which are currently present within society.

Empowering States and their citizens will have a synergistic effect on society.

It's going to be amazing what we will accomplish together,

now that our efforts are no longer focused overseas on other nations.
It's about time, yes?


States are the "best" stewards of their boundary domains. They have the best interests at heart of their residents, wildlife, lands and natural resources. States are wholly capable of preserving and protecting their respective statehood(s). States will be empowered as the Constitution intended.

States who partner with businesses to grow their economies and meet the needs of their citizens will do a far better job than the federal government. They will govern and serve their domains in the best interests of their states. It really comes down to a more effective and efficient "span of control".  States can begin pilot programs sharing those which achieve success with their sister states. Instead of just trying to keep afloat, States must be allowed and encouraged to innovate!

Instead of having a federal mandate, where each state must salute smartly and fall in lock step, a better formula may be to have multiple state pilot programs (a functioning, practical lab) and when they get it right, other states can adopt it as their own. 

We need to restore competition between states. Who knows what discoveries will revealed. States have been so preoccupied with their own economies over the decades, they have missed out on the benefits and inertia of collective collaborative efforts with their 49 brothers and sisters. Sort of makes the term "United" moot. 

[Congress probably hasn't dropped "united" yet because The States of America just sounds a little too odd yet.]

Unless we refresh our nation, and start working together, this could happen. We could actually become the States of America or SA for short.

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