Congress just doesn't work anymore!


YOU Need to Know About the WASTEBOOK!

The Federal Government simply can't police themselves effectively. 


A national broadcast report in July 2015, Government mailed $60 BILLION in Medicare payments to false addresses, not hospitals or clinics but PO Boxes.


That's $60,000,000,000 wasted taxpayer dollars which could have been used to improve America's infrastructure, schools, roads, or any number of programs. 


This money is gone. Wasted. Lost. STOLEN!  

The US Government is NOT a good steward of your money. This is why we are in debt as a nation nearly 20 trillion dollars. 


We are following on the heels of Greece, Spain, Russia and more countries which are fiscally insolvent and incompetently managed. It can happen to US. It will happen. 


Unless someone steps up and fixes the plague. This is not how your government should behave. This is not an isolated incident. How about we fix this once and for all and hold the US Government accountable? 



Add up all the wastebooks for the past several decades and we could paid for every initiative outlined in our party platform with $1M left over for your wallet--tax free.

Going forward, we will have plenty of money to run our downsized federal government now that Congress has been put on restriction by you! Our educational initiatives will benefit greatly from a more responsible government, as will ever other department and state.

Senator Tom Coburn (R) Oklahoma releases his annual Wastebook. A report on Congressional spending--wasted on frivolous or unnecessary endeavors. You will not believe what you're about to read. Unfortunately, this was his pet project when he was in office. Wonder if anyone is continuing to document this waste!

$6.5B wasted in 2012 alone!  - Calculators can't add up ALL the waste over the decades...why do we allow this? Primarily because middle-class Americans are unaware of this shameful behavior.

Now that you do, this is on you and the backs of your children and grandchildren and their children.  

It's your responsibility to effect change by making noise and voting out Congress by replacing them  with Kodel Party members.

It is your money, collectively, that is being wasted. How many more Americans could be helped if this money were poured back into our communities?  Where's the outrage?

The Protests? Shameful....

You had no say in the matter. This is what we want to change by ending taxes. We want to STOP THE INSANITY & RESTORE COMMON SENSE. We want to put you in charge of your own money. You and you alone will make decisions on how your money is spent (or wasted).

Some  Fine Examples

of your Tax Dollars at work:

$10M to remake Sesame Street for Pakistan;

$100k to the international center for the history of electronic games in New York;

$600k to study why chimps throw their feces;

$150k for a magic museum in Michigan; the infamous 'bridge to nowhere" $5.3M; and

$17.8M in aid to CHINA in cash for economic development and social services. Where did we get the money we gave to China? From U.S. Taxpayers? No. "...wait for it..." We BORROWED it from China.

Let's repeat that: We borrowed money from China to donate it back to China for their economic development & social services! More to the point, we are paying them twice!

WHEN YOU VOTE, do so wisely and with great responsibility. This is not a game. It's not a popularity contest or voting within your existing parties as these are the robber barrens. It's time to stop the political machines.

* Solyndra’s Bankruptcy Shows Washington Should Exit the Investing Business

September 3, 2011 at 5:28pm
In the latest green technology snafu, solar power company Solyndra Inc. collapsed this past week despite $385 million in taxpayer-supported loans granted by the Obama Administration. Which brings to mind the question – should the government be investing in risky companies?  Or, perhaps, more to the point – should the government be in the investment business?

ADDITIONAL POINT OF ORDER: Congress lifts ban on eating horses. Yummy. Can dogs & cats be far behind?

"...Horses could soon be butchered in the U.S. for human consumption after Congress "quietly" lifted a 5-year-old ban on "funding" horse meant inspections, and activists say slaughterhouses could be up and running in as little as a month..."


(If you don't vote them out of office, blame yourself!)

It's time to replace them all with middle-class citizens of common sense. 

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