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Congress has turned its back on America, especially the middle and lower classes of Americans.  And it's really a shame. We sent them to DC to improve our lives. They don't even do what's right anymore. They are like ostriches who put their collective heads in the sand. The House and Senate are in a scrimmage. It's not about America the Beautiful anymore. It's certainly NOT about you anymore.

They alone are 'directly' responsible for the decline of all things American.  We all are  responsible for electing them and keeping them in office.  Make no mistake there are many sophisticated and complicated elements  & moving components in  running a nation, a civilized society.  Setting policy, drafting and enforcing laws, etc.,  is not an easy task, nor should it be.  The job is oftentimes thankless.  

It is shameful how we are represented.  Life as we know it is devolving. Americans must come first.


Trillions of taxpayers’ dollars have been washed away. That's not leadership.  

The American populace, and dare I say, the world economy,  is better served if we adopt 'America Cares' as our new national strategy.  

We must get our own house in order.  

Bad Stewards

Some of this is repeated on the Economy page but bears repeating here!

It is the function of Congress to budget for and fund our nation.

Where do your tax dollars go? Cleveland? Detroit? Inner cities? Rural areas? Innovation? Libraries? Education? Infrastructure? How about Oregon? California? Jersey? Chicago? Mississippi? New Orleans? Pick a city, pick a state, pick a park, a program, a school, etc. 

Here's the problem: 
Your taxes are not going to our states to improve your country! Your tax dollars are funding other countries & foreign regimes. 

Pakistan $1.6 BILLION; Syria, 1.5B; Egypt $1.4 BILLION; Uganda $400M (annually), $1 BILLION+ guaranteed for Ukraine, etc., the list is endless! Over $100 billion and counting; and that's not even the tip of the iceberg. 

This is why your taxes continue to rise, your education flounders, your healthcare costs sky rockets, your infrastructure crumbles, your cities fill with Veterans, homelessness, drug addicts, and honest, good citizens who are otherwise unemployed become wards of the state.  

Funding war lords & dictators, instead! Are we safer because of it? Poorer as a nation? Has terrorism decreased?

Since Congress won't tighten their belts, it's up to us, the hard-working, middle-class! After all, it's our money!

Our objective: to infiltrate all levels if state & federal legislation including Senate/Congress/White House with truer representation of Kodel Party Middle Class members looking after OUR needs. Make Sense?

Hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars should not bespent monthly on foreign soils. How about we stop this? 

By building a stronger America, we are in a better position to help others. The citizens, not the US Government must decide when and where to provide aide.

Why aren't we putting America First?

Dare to dream where our cities would be, where our country would be, had these trillions been reinvested in America the Beautiful instead over decades? 

A stronger nation is our best defense.
One way is to stop funding Congress who have their own agendas (it's not you). It's not national security. Imagine how wonderful this country would be had those $19 TRILLION dollars been used within our own borders over the years.

The Kodel Party will put an end to ALL taxes as we know them thereby severing the income stream funding Congress. They will live within the budget we set. 

We are closing their purse strings. Americans will keep their entire paychecks and they alone will decide where to spend their dollars. If you want to fund a special NASA project close to your heart, you can donate $100 to NASA; if you want to fund a community tragedy or humanitarian effort, you, not Congress, will contribute. You will be empowered to decide exactly where your money goes with the understanding you will not undermine our national security. 

We must change how Congress does America's business!

Doing more with less, eventually becomes doing nothing with nothing left! 


DATELINE WASHINGTON September 14, 2016

Congress approves $38 BILLION in aid (US Taxpayer Dollars) to Israel over next 10 years.

Pakistan $1.6 BILLION; Syria, 1.5B; Egypt $1.4 BILLION; Uganda $400M (annually), $1 BILLION+ guaranteed for Ukraine, etc., the list is endless! Over $100 TRILLION and counting and that's not even the tip of the iceberg.

Imagine instead if your community received this money!!

Say, Flint, MI. Detroit or the devastated flood ravaged Gulf Coast.

It's TIME to close the purse strings!

Vote Kodel Party and take your country back.


The Kodel Party Speaks for the Hard-Working Middle Class!

The approval rating of Congress fluctuates between 7-14%.
A 90% (+/-) Disapproval rating! How as a nation, can we condone this?
This speaks volumes just how ineffective/inefficient Congress is!

It means our representatives are NOT doing their jobs or serving our best interests.
It isn’t going to improve without drastic, thoughtful innovation.

WE ARE THE MAJORITY!  (The working-class. The 30k party.)

Together. we hold the power. Yet we've failed to embrace it.
Until we do, we are now 'directly' responsible for America’s survival.

We are Independent Thinkers.
We are Innovators.
We are the children of patriots for the next generation.




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Regulations used responsibly are a good thing. Over regulation is needless, pointless strangles a society. Too many agendas and self-interests create a very narrow scope of tolerance or compliance. 

Over regulation stifles and impedes progress and innovation and ceases to incentivize those affected. It chokes off enthusiasm and organic growth.  

A fair and reasonable system is what is needed to promote the common good. 

States will collaborate and share successful paradigms. States, churches and other organizations will be empowered to solve those social ills which are currently present within society. 

Empowering States and their citizens will have a synergistic effect on society.  

It's going to be amazing what we'll accomplish together, no longer being focused on other nations. 


No one in Congress ever reads an entire bill. Bills get passed with parasite addendum add-ons sneaked in at the last minute. This needs to end!  Going forward, every piece of legislation will only be one page. One 11 x 17" page. Everyone will know what this bill is. Nothing ever gets slipped by again. Congress never again hoodwinks the American Public.

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