"We advance, improve, evolve as a species/society ONLY when more of us become engaged & enlightened through education-awareness-experience." Steve William Laible (K-OR)



Engage as a Nation

"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people. Let us dare to read, think, speak and write."    


                      John Adams (2nd President)


Life on this planet is short. We either decide we want to live with war, hate, crime and tragedies, or in the lap of luxury in the greatest nation on earth. Luxury meaning the freedom to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

Tremors of civil unrest are percolating. Our national fabric is being fractured. Immigration, homelessness, crime, mental illness, child and spousal abuse is increasing beyond our control. We are devolving from a civilized society. Perhaps and in part, because lack of funding, or in the prioritizing of funding or providing opportunities, education, help. Hopelessness is more prevalent now than ever before.

Homelessness is numbering in the tens of thousands. These aren't just addicts, hobos or drunks anymore. These are moms and dads and children. Families are living in their cars, shelters, on streets, & under bridges. When did a home for middle American start pricing out at $400,000?

It's time to fix this horrendous situation, once and for all. It can happen to you. We are not the U.S.S.R. or North Korea.  It's funny what one "learns" to accept...if it happens gradually enough.  The Kodel Party says, enough is enough!  

It's time for a new American Agenda!


Social Issues

Are we smarter than a 5th Grader?

DUI Driving under the influence has reached epidemic status. 

States must crash the civil liberties of these drivers and protect the civil liberties of the rest of us. States will be encouraged by their citizens to strengthen laws for driving while under the influence. 


We would suggest a mandatory 30-day timeout for every first time DUI arrest, period--no matter who it is, a sitting judge, teen, soccer mom, grandmother, no matter the circumstance.


That means, 30 days away from your family, 

your pets, your job, your car, your refrigerator, phone, computer, 

your life!

At least for 30 days, innocent people will be free from you and your ignorant behavior. Call it a disease if that helps you sleep at night.

 DUI drivers steal lives. 

It's time to end this in our communities now! 

We need to stop making excuses. 

Getting behind the wheel drunk or high is NOT a disease.

 It's poor judgment and must be dealt with as a true wake-up call. DUI drivers kill kids, soccer moms, grandmothers and babies.

 It's highly irresponsible. 

Grow up. 

 In vogue Sobering Centers are now popping up in neighborhoods. 

This well-meaning, cost-saving, enabling idea lacks vision or 

true resolution.

 It only kicks the can down the road. 

These are 'ADULTS!' 

How about we start treating them as such. 

STOP condoning their behavior. 

Catch and Release programs 

do not improve the community or the drunks. 

There needs to be consequences for bad behavior!  

You will spend 30-days (behind bars) with highly intensive training to figure out exactly why you thought it was okay to get behind the wheel of a vehicle in your condition. A zero tolerance will mandate stricter enforcement, education, training and consequences. Take responsibility for your actions or the law will assist you.

Subsequent arrests will mandate 90 days, then 120, then 365. On your 1st DUI, your car will be impounded for as long as you remain incarcerated or confiscated as a deadly weapon and "given" back to the dealer or donated to community programs where there are people who recognize that driving is a privilege, not a right. 

Drivers will agree to these terms in order to obtain a driver's license. We can no longer accept this nonsense of driving under the influence be it booze or drugs. An altered state behind the wheel is going to be punished swiftly and severely! It does not pass our common sense test to continually accept this bad behavior! 

It's time we stop accepting this behavior and do something more serious 

about this deadly social plague

States will have the great opportunity to exercise "common sense" here as well. Driving a vehicle is not a social event. Driving is about paying attention first and foremost. Why? So you don't KILL yourself or more importantly someone else.  Bad behavior is DANGEROUS and so preventable. The hammer will fall on it.

(That "someone" else) being an innocent, environmentally friendly who is riding their bike to work, when you look up too late having just knocked them off their bike, rolling over them and killing them; or a child riding in the backseat or the mom with five kids going to a pizza party getting slammed into because you are LYAO about some nonsense. Or the innocent teen who just graduated high school who is now crippled for life because you had to tweet, text or otherwise communicate something that in the big scheme of things was most certainly frivolous.  

As adults we MUST send a serious message [pun intended] to teens (and irresponsible adults who text while driving. I'm sick and tired of society enabling bad behavior which endangers my life or those of my loved ones. 

Innovate can disable cell phones 

just like navigation systems while the engine is on.

Common sense speaks to this issue 

but as usual, our youth think they know better. 

They are invincible. 

Listen up: "You cannot text and drive... "safely." 

Yes, you can drive while texting,

 but the operative word here is "SAFELY." 

The consequences here are just too great!  

Wise up now, before it's too late for you or others you may kill.   

Laws must keep up with technology!

Great consideration should be given by states to block these devices (like Nav systems are) by interrupting the signal while the engine is running. You cannot program a navigation system while your car is moving. Short of car manufacturers installing disruptive devices phone carriers will disable phone signals while the car is moving or the engine on. Tens of thousands of lives will be saved annually, by this common sense approach.

Certainly each state ought to have a proving ground where drivers can attend. There, on a closed course, drivers can witness, for themselves, from behind the wheel, the true hazards of driving while texting. Perhaps an oath should be administered at the DMV, "I will not text and drive."  Certainly an affidavit. Fines ought to be $1,000 per text. This will fund the state coffers. Governors, legislators and citizens will have to decide.

Isn't the Human Experience fascinating?  

We know what we want, we're just not sure how to get there.

Failed policies where we send TRILLIONS of taxpayer dollars  to other countries rather than investing in the Human Experiment is likely the root cause.

It's time the Middle Class take the reins.















Taking Responsibility


MARIJUANA ~ (Written in 2012)
Maybe we've been looking at this drug problem the wrong way. Maybe we ought to be focused on the consequences of the action.  Say for instance, if a person smokes pot in their home and isn't doing any harm, maybe possession alone isn't worthy of a prison sentence or fine. However, if this same person is driving under the influence, thereby putting others at grave risk, then punishment should be hammered home accordingly and quite severely with high fines, confiscation of the deadly weapon (vehicle) either impounded for 30/60/90+ days. Minimum 30-days in the hole for the offender for an non-injury vehicle incident. A responsible user would take a cab to a concert not drive in an altered state/high.  Restaurants and bars who serve liquor will be required to implement transportation for patrons or fund such an initiative. Designated driver programs are wonderful but are they working any more?  Smoking dope or shooting drugs is NOT OKAY! Be forewarned. Getting behind the wheel in an altered state will win you a trip to the gulog. 



California Grass

The Federal Government shall not impede the will of the people, nor should their respective states. The pros for marijuana have legitimate agendas. The cons, not so much. Maybe the answer is in the "packaging" and growing operations. Have them rolled, manufactured and packaged professionally, maybe adding a little tar, arsenic, formaldehyde & menthol, in industrial areas not in neighborhood backyards. What growers aren't appreciating is their actions are interfering with their good neighbor responsibilities with respect to aesthetics, odor and activity. Whichever side you come down on, the consequences of driving impaired must be severe; 30 days in a missile silo comes to mind. (See Law Enforcement page.)

The drug trade is a violent battlefield, much as prohibition was, save all the beheading(s). Drug cartels fight for control and power & cash. Maybe the USA can make drug use in this country less competitive. Legalizing an organic plant indigenous to this planet must not be banned but rather regulated, administered and managed.  A nation of potheads will not occur. Those who will smoke pot, will. Those who won't, won't. Pot is not a cigarette. It may or may not be a gateway drug. (I'm not confident it is a 'drug.' A mushroom is not a drug. A dandelion is not a drug. Bark is not a drug. Licking a frog is not a drug. Each will get you high, but does that make it a drug? No matter what you've heard. Just as soda pop won't lead you to beer. People with reckless "opinions" are more dangerous than this plant.  Lick all the frogs you want. If you drive high, you may die. What we can't have you doing is killing others because of your bad behavior.

Hemp, a tall Asiatic plant having tough fiber, also ought to be embraced as a legitimate industry.

If Congress were to pump the sweet (some would say stinky) fragrance of smoke into the chamber, it's likely (100%) of that stubbornness and bickering would evaporate and they'd get so many bills passed it would silence the gavel. And though there would be crumbs on the floor and cheesy powder on all of the Bills...Well, the truth is, they'd mean to pass Bills, but if you know the facts about smoking pot, nothing would ever actually get done. Sort of like now! But at least the bickering would stop! Pot is for lovers. It really does kill aggression.  

Marijuana isn't the problem. It's fear, bias and ignorance. Should kids use it, no. Should adults be permitted to decide for themselves, yes.  Should you be sent to jail for smoking it, or prison for selling it, no.  Should it be confiscated? No. However, the consequences should be stiff if they are contributing to the delinquency of a minor or stopped for a DUI.  Politically correct or not, a progressive agenda of this administration is to focus on the debate once and for all.  This issue has been allowed to persist much too long. It needs to be settled and consistent, once and for all at the Federal Level permitting banks to do commerce with growers!

As a nation, we had better resolve our hypocrisies first.




A KNOWN CANCER causing agent eating away at lives, families and addicting uncounted millions, generation after generation, permitted to thrive as drug pushers of otherwise well-meaning, law abiding citizens. Yet we accept this in our society as if it were and is, normal behavior. Perhaps it is. Tobacco companies will fund healthcare at 5x NTS without raising their prices. NTS will not enrich healthcare officials or organizations. They want to be in the business of killing Americans, then they must take responsibility.

Also a "plant" prepared for smoking & chewing: cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc. Tobacco is not banned. It is regulated, administered and managed. If you sit in the lap of hypocrisy it's time to rethink your position. Regulating dandelions or clover may be next, or tree bark! Tobacco is a mixture of chemical drugs that is permitted to exist. A known cancer causing drug. Because it doesn't get you high, we look the other way.

Does it impair your abilities. Probably not. But you are addicted to it. Can we honestly regulate "addictions."  Chocolate, sex, tv, play stations, etc. I suppose a government who leans toward total control of its people can do anything it wants. America is different. We are not a dictatorship (yet) unless Trump is put in power. Americans ought to be given the freedom to make mistakes too. 




Instead of Meth labs, these aren't the kinds of "labs" we ought to be throwing our money at. Give our children education, opportunities, direction, and hope and they will likely make better decisions. Not every kid will but most will. As a nation, we ought to make education our highest priority with our kids. That means doing whatever it takes!  The Say No to Drugs was a colossal failure. Once children stop being supervised they will use their immature brains to stretch their boundaries. Educating them, relentlessly, is a mandate.  

Manufacturing methamphetamine is a huge problem. Meth use is killing an entire generation. Dope is for dopes. Down with dope, up with hope. None of that nonsense works. Using is the symptom of a much greater problem. We ought to concentrate on that? Why are people using meth? Figure that out and you just might solve the problem. Remove the financial rewards and you will make a far greater impact on this destruction of lives. There is a tragic segment of our society who will never listen. They are hellbent on self-discovery and self-destruction. Maybe there is no answer. In the end, we have to build a better society, a better economy and end the hopelessness.  If we do that, we just might turn the corner with our youth.

Brown Coke? Okay, that's not cocaine, it's coffee.  Just trying to make a point.  Seems the list of toxins we ingest is endless.  From beer and booze, to smokes, pot, pills, puff the magic dragon and 'shrooms, it extends to paint vapors, aerosols, glue, and back to peyote buttons, hash, hallucinogens and on and on..Seems the human condition is wired to be irresponsible, adventurous, and stupid. Maturity is our only saving grace.

We just can't seem to satiate ourselves.

Drugs are such a huge blight on a society. Sort of makes you question why anyone would ever be tempted to try them in the first place knowing what we know. Drugs consume law enforcement and our courts manpower, budgets and resources. And costs policemen and policewomen their lives. Why? What we are doing as a nation isn't working, so how about being open to another direction???

A society must first ask itself, why are segments of our society using drugs? Once that question is answered, we might actually make a difference. Until then, we need to continue the push with punishment, not necessarily for the use of, but the consequences of those actions (harming others in obtaining narcotics or after actions). Large fines must also be part of this action. Maybe law enforcement ought to be permitted to keep all the money confiscated in raids. Their departments can reward compensation to officers for this life-threatening high risk job. Officers are trying so hard to make a difference on the front lines. Throwing offenders in prison is pulling them out of society. So why not extend that idea a bit further and outsource offenders to other U.S. territories? Have compounds on distant unchartered islands and just get them out of our society for good. Or regional compounds in states far away from society where addicts can live in peace.

Removing the financial incentives actually removes the entire premise for being in this "business." Drug mules, innocent people being slaughtered by the thousands, all gone. Also gone, power, corruption, gangs, violence and 90% of crime. Maybe it's worth peeking around the corner for new solutions...bring it out in the open and put it "smack" on the table.  (Pun intended)  Maybe we designate territories within states where these hopeless souls can live their lives in the peace and freedom they choose away from society. Let them have all the free drugs they can consume without fear of incarceration. Wouldn't that be nice to free every community from this horrible plague so that we may live in peace too? What a concept!

You will NEVER combat or control an entire nation. The key is find alternatives to co-existing in a way that does the least amount of harm to the fewest people.

Tragically, there always have been and always will be brains wired for self-discovery and self-destruction. Maybe we ought to just get out of their way and concentrate on the positive parts of our own lives...

The TRILLIONS spent on drug enforcement would end. Certainly states would incur travel and facility expenses with a planned banishment but far less than currently spent on law enforcement, courts, prisons, etc. Also ended are the lost lives of innocent bystanders and their property. The lives saved in violent drug-related crimes alone may be worth another look.

If you are reading this and are aghast with such proposals, the K-Party is not for you. We need open minds to solve this chaos not closed, shortsightedness. One ought to be able to walk the streets of any American city at any time of day or night. It's just a shame there are neighborhoods where if you enter, you die.  That's just stupid.

Our nation's leaders have been so concerned with other nations, they have abandoned ours. Not neglected, but outright abandoned. It's  been up to you to fend for yourself. No more. The Kodel Party will put the full weight of the White House behind rebuilding America from the inside out, one street corner at a time. And if Congress doesn't get on board, we'll replace them!   

There are generations of lost souls. The provocative answer might be, we need to forget about those lost souls and concentrate on our youth and start rebuilding from the ground up. Instilling a positive self-image, confidence and self-worth will go along way in curbing this industry of drug use. It begins with education.

All people must make their own decisions. They must not be spoon fed or coddled. They must take responsibility for their own actions. If they choose to do drugs, then they choose to suffer the consequences of your actions.

When they ask for help, be there.

Brains are wired differently in some people. It's about responsibility and choice. Huffing, (sniffing glue, paint, aerosols, etc.), is thought to be one of the cheapest highs around.  Maybe as a nation, we need to address the science behind those who would be so foolish. Taking psychedelic mushrooms is also a plant and the mere use of it ought not be punished by prison. It's the consequences of behavior that must be dealt with. That point seems to get lost in the debate.


Prescription Drug Abuse